EA Comments on ‘Worst Company in America’ Poll

Electronic Arts COO Peter Moore has responded to a recent poll in which EA was chosen as a semifinalist for “Worst Company in America.” (An "honor" it also received last year.)

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a_bro1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

”Some claim there’s no room for Origin as a competitor to Steam. 45 million registered users are proving that wrong.”

yea, thats because you're forcing it and putting it into our throats. we can't buy Sim City(not that i want to after that stupid always on BS), Crysis 3, Battlefield 3, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, and of course Soon to Be released, Battlefield 4 on steam, cant we?

decrypt1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

Personally i havent bought a EA game after BF3 and dont intend on doing so until BF4. I dont see anything else worth while on their list either.

So they have me on Origin however i havent logged on in a year. Hell its uninstalled from my PC.

What else can they expect when they have the worst possible anti customer friendly policies around.

Shutting down online servers just so people buy the next game. EA will use all sort of tactics to milk their customer base.

pompombrum1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

His entire response was just standard corp drivel, typical of EA. So when they get voted worst company in America, they're just going to put their hands up in the air, call everyone spiteful and then fall back on their registered origin users stat.

Still wish I could not buy EA games, if Fifa is as bad as 13, I probably can rid myself of them completely. Same with Origin though, never log in and own 2 accounts simply because EA forces origin registration on almost all their game sales now.

MikeMyers1845d ago

EA is a very powerful company and they are very hard to ignore. That's why they remain relevant. If we had choices that would make it much easier to decide where consumers would go. If games are only available on Origin for example that doesn't mean they favor it over a competitive service like Steam.

One has to ask what makes any company the worst?

Are they bad to work for? They were sued over overtime not being paid. People have left on bad terms. Development teams have closed down.

Are they innovative? We seen some great new IP's like Dead Space. But we also seen the company play it way too safe and some IP's changed for the worse (Dragon Age II).

Are they profitable? The whole industry seems to be down so it's hard to blame it all on EA but how do they compare overall?

Do they have good customer relations? Simple answer, no.

ProjectVulcan1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

Their customer support is appalling. Probably the worst I have ever dealt with, and I have dealt with a lot, and a lot of crummy ones.

EA's take the biscuit.

Get whoever managed Amazon customer support on the job, because they are world class.

TopDudeMan1845d ago

Just because I'm registered for origin doesn't mean I like being registered on origin.

When talking about something qualitative, they cannot bring numbers into it. If they did a customer satisfaction survey, they'd find that out.

Rhythmattic1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

OT.. but fun all the same...

EA and its Biscuits..

Dee_911845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

Those bullet points shows exactly why they are considered the worst in America.
I bet he thinks that since on disc DLC sell millions that means everyone who buy it "enjoys" on disc DLC.

So stupid.

da_2pacalypse1845d ago

Also, I believe that console users that play the recent EA games like BF3 will also be tallied in this 45 million player count. For example, Bioware accounts got migrated, and battlelog accounts are also origin accounts.

This 45 million is a huge lie.

g2gshow1845d ago

im proud of the money we are making tall'st tree catch the most wind. in other words he just said [email protected]#k you we expect some of you pu#$y to be up set heres a pat on the head now go [email protected]##k you'r self

they even admit to shutting down severs early lol do you want the to come to you'r house an spit i n you'r face will you get the point then ???
im not buying anything E.A or M.S

Gaming1011844d ago

Yet another executive hack from EA giving typical Public Relations spin (aka B.S.)

Instead of actually showing how they can improve, they simply acknowledge problems but offer no solutions that actually work or address the real issue.

chaos-lockheart1844d ago

maybe they should publish half a response and then dlc all of the remaning

Bobby Kotex1844d ago

Not even BF4 will get me to install that Origin crap again.

REALgamer1844d ago

Here's something to think about: I can't play Portal, TF2, L4D2, Half-Life 2, etc without having Steam 'forced' on me.

Why are there double-standards for EA requiring their own service, but Valve doing the same thing is good?

SilentNegotiator1844d ago

Proud Origin-free PC gamer.

EA probably thinks it got voted worst because of "dem homophobes and whiny Madden fans"

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Baka-akaB1845d ago

they need to disclose how many actually pruchased stuff on origins , as dlc to even have a point .

The damn thing ship with the games

pompombrum1845d ago

Lol you're having a joke right? That's what EA does best, taking the best possible statistic from any situation. This is a company that was left so red faced by the amount of active subscribers, they had to boast about the minutes played in SWTOR at E3. Anyone going that low to try and turn a tortanic disaster into a positive isn't going to reveal negative stats.

Baka-akaB1845d ago

I know , it's obvious they werent going to disclose the truth .

Aloren1844d ago

Well, steam also ships with games.
As soon as you have an EA account and Origin, you're registered, it doesn't make it any less true if you don't buy games daily.

Kran1845d ago

”Some claim there’s no room for Origin as a competitor to Steam. 45 million registered users are proving that wrong.”

Im sorry but you were just voted worst company in america AGAIN; 45 million users, to which barely 5 million of them even use their accounts on a daily basis does not make up for it.

Pyrrhus1845d ago

From the blogpost:
' Many continue to claim the Always-On function in SimCity is a DRM scheme. It’s not. People still want to argue about it. We can’t be any clearer – it’s not. Period.

Some claim there’s no room for Origin as a competitor to Steam. 45 million registered users are proving that wrong.

Some people think that free-to-play games and micro-transactions are a pox on gaming. Tens of millions more are playing and loving those games.

We’ve seen mailing lists that direct people to vote for EA because they disagree with the choice of the cover athlete on Madden NFL. Yes, really…'

EA are a joke.

matgrowcott1845d ago

I'm up for looking more closely at Origins figures, but this is so hypocritical. The only reason to have Steam 10 years ago was because it was forced. Now, dozens of PC games force people to install Steam.

Knock it for its faults, by all means, but let's at least judge from an even field.

Baka-akaB1845d ago

Except that when we complained about Steam , especially when at first they forced its use to search counterstrike and dod servers over programs better at the time , they quickly reacted and constantly improved the service .

You also forget how steam were pretty much pioneers in that area .

meanwhile EA comes along humming , despite it's massive fundings , and propose a shitty service from the get go , in the face of a strong competition .

Did Google propose something perfect and stable against apple and itunes at first when they started their android platforms and market endeavours ? of course not , plenty work was needed , but they still proposed something in a decent enough shape , with mostly content missing .

I dont buy the Valve is our god , and Steam our only savior koolaid ... but they deserves their due , and Origins deserves none so far .

0ut1awed1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

Fucking exactly. Now with the BF4 trailer it looks like EA wants to turn it into their version of COD. Pretty explosions everywhere....

r1sh121845d ago

they could be voted worst company in the world, but if people are buying into EA games its not going to make the business change.
On FIFA for example there is an issue around peoples accounts being hacked etc.. but when that happens the person who's account is hacked will complain on the internet, then go and buy the next version of FIFA.
LOOOL - At some point many people need to look at themselves.

MoonConquistador1844d ago

Well said r1sh12. As much as people can blame the developers or publishers for introducing shady tactics, the consumers themselves need to ask who let them get away with it.

Crazyglues1845d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

I DON'T KNOW WHY? People complain because at the end of the day you are going to eat the Mud... Yes! eat the Mud...

45 Million users on Origin ...LoL (all that proves is gamers will bit^h and whine and complain but at the end of the day they will just go along with it..)

That's what they always do, if you never stick to your guns.. How can EA even take your complaints serious...

Why do you think Microsoft knows they can get away with an always on Console - Because truth be told people will say oh I'm not buying it, and then two week later guess what they got... LMAO...

It's too easy for EA to just laugh at gamers... Same problem with Occupy Wall Street... how can anyone take it serious with, no leader, no set goal, no plan - I mean come on' At least if you say your not going to buy the game At least have the discipline to Not buy the Game...

I mean Wow... come on people' If YOU WANT USED GAMES TO STILL BE A PART OF GAMING you have to fight for it.. These companies are not going to just do it..

You need a Real Leader with real followers who will not buy the game if they say they are not going to buy the game!!!

Otherwise just stop, Stop crying right now, because EA could really care less...

If a million followers on Facebook or twitter said they will not buy BF4 if they can't re-sell it, you would see how fast EA would change their policy...
(and that goes for anything your against, it has to be a huge amount of loyal people for EA to take it seriously)

Otherwise EA just sits back and laugh at you Gamers all the way to the bank... Do Something for Real or shut up-

Because if your not part of the solution - Trust Me - You are, part of the problem...

||.........___||............ ||

snarls2001845d ago

except they dont stick t their guns. Mass Effect 3 ending.

MoonConquistador1844d ago

Even better put by Crazyglues, well said. Only two issues with that proposal though.

It will take a lot of people with both patience and principles. Getting the two together nowadays might be tough.

The other issue is i dont deal with either facebook or twitter so can someone at least report on it on N4G if such a movement kicks off

JsonHenry1845d ago

IF I had a choice I would NEVER choose Origin over Steam. But if I want to play certain games I have no choice but take your lame origin with it. Just like GFWL - NO ONE WANTS YOUR SH*TTY SERVICE!!!!!!!! We simply just don't have a choice.

chak_1845d ago

So does valve with steam eh.

Remember HL², portal, TF2, CS? Now there are even loads of retail games coming with steam, forcing it down your throat.

Not that I care, but it's a fact.

DeadlyFire1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

haha how much of that 45 million is mobile though?

Steam's majority is PC.

g2gshow1845d ago

im proud of the money we are making tall'st tree catch the most wind. in other words he just said [email protected]#k you we expect some of you pu#$y to be up set heres a pat on the head now go [email protected]##k you'r self

indysurfn1844d ago

Every attitude EA has proves what people are saying about them. Guess what EA other companies that could have gotten worse company has million of people and dollars. See BP oil company for example!

Banok1844d ago

The only reason I installed steam originally was because I HAD to, in order to play HL2, portal, TF2 etc.


g2gshow1842d ago

@ chaos-lockheart that really mad me lol good one best yet i seen

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mii-gamer1845d ago

EA worst video game company of all time.

b_one1845d ago

ppl cry and yet they buy from them...

HammadTheBeast1845d ago

DICE makes good games, EA's a douche with them.

b_one1845d ago

DICE is just a tool in hands of EA, we will se what comes next

Pyrrhus1845d ago

A reply from Consumerist after EA's post.

Ashlen1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

Yeah, this pretty much sums up exactly how I felt after reading what EA said.

I personally haven't bought an EA game since Dragon Age Origins. It was a protest to Online Pass and shutting down servers.

If everyone would just grow some balls and learn a little self restraint we could change EA.

But instead even in the replies to this post I see people saying I hate you EA but i'm still buying Battlefield 4 and that is why EA keeps doing what they do.

medman1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

EA stands for Exceptional Assholes.

Pyrrhus1845d ago

What studio are they going to close next?
EA is a joke.

Being a sports addict, I hate how EA has no competition for their NHL or NFL games. They just dont care as long as they can get the money.

StrawHatPatriot1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )


Madden STILL lacks proper player weight/momentum, proper foot movement (too much sliding and zig zagging), enough penalties, good A.I, realistic looking tackles, a an actual working challenge system, realistic pursuit on the ball (players speed up to intercept a pass or pick up the football at the last second), receivers that aren't passive and actually try to move to get the ball, good CPU play, etc. They screwed the offline gamer with no CO-OP PLAY, or watching the CPU play for those gamers who want a challenge by building a great team and simulating it.

Apparently they couldn't even get uniforms correct: http://www.operationsports....

This is an example of why people hate Madden.

Oh yeah, they added Total Control Passing.

TCP was in a game made 8 years ago called "NFL 2K5", which was actually really good, for its time. That game let you talk to trainers to see if a player was injured or ready to go, they let you check your e-mail from your staff, and let you prepare your team for a game (by simulating film watching), something a coach ACTUALLY DOES, no, a coach DOESN'T "buy XP packages" or players DON'T "earn XP" and get better by putting up good stats Look at Aaron Rodgers, he got better by the coaching staff helping him out on the bench and fixing any flaws he had coming out of college (whether it was accuracy, mechanics etc.), not by letting Aaron Rodgers magically get great 500 yard passing games that will somehow magically make him a better player, which is EA's logic.

Kran1845d ago

The only thing I will ever praise EA on is gay romances in some of their games.

You hardly see it in any other games, and its good EA try.

But that's really the only good thing I have to say about them, so yeah :/

BanBrother1845d ago

Gotta love them gay romances lol. GOTY material.