Map of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag shows four main areas in the game

This rugged old treasure map from Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag shows the four main areas in the game; Andreas Island, Cayo Island, Florida and Cat Island.

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Makasu1711d ago

Or maybe they are buried treasures?

NukaCola1711d ago

Think Wind Waker. Forget the AC name. This is a pirate game and I'm excited.

Deku-Johnny1711d ago

Think Wind Waker but not as good*

claud31711d ago

Well it is just a map... I will wait and see the in-game map instead

DigitalOriginal1711d ago

More little islands as well.
Did i remember it right when i heard the game has no loading screens ?

For me this was a huge bummer in AC3.

claud31711d ago

No loading screens, i really find that hard to believe

Deku-Johnny1711d ago

No loading screens between islands, getting on/off your ship etc. obviously there will still be loading screens when you go on missions.

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