Shifting the Focus: Gameplay vs. Visuals

Christiaan Joubert from ITF Gaming writes: We’ve started to find ourselves slowly crawling into this part of the “gaming age” where consoles and PCs have some much processing power to spare, that developers go ahead and write gaming engines for water, cloth, emotions or if you’re part of Team Ninja: BOOBS!

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j-blaze1691d ago

i love Japanese games because they care about almost about everything gameplay, characters, story, music and visuals not necessarily in pixel count but in design in general

tubers1690d ago

There's a market for both (JPN and West);

from first person dungeon crawlers, to a more photorealistic approach.


mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........... visuals <333333

Amigaengine1690d ago

Is slowly bankrupting gaming.


Just here for teh tits thumbnail bro. relax.

ShabbaRanks1690d ago

Ah Titties you gotta love em :P

I was at a club yesterday and the barmaid had gigantic melons ( as always), but she didn’t have that typical Barbie face. She had an amazing natural face with long hair, slim body and huge ones. She almost looked like a girl straight out of an Anime movie.

Ahhh the things a man does for Bobbies … So marvellous

fallacious1690d ago

Ah, the good ol' breast-and-switch article.

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