'Mario,' 'Zelda' creator says give the Wii U time

Larry Frum of CNN writes, "The Nintendo Wii U has seen its star dim somewhat since its launch in November 2012. Worldwide sales numbers for the console have been disappointing and some gamers have complained that the number of desirable games for the system hasn't grown quickly enough.

However, the man who brought to life Nintendo legends like Mario, Link and Donkey Kong is preaching patience with the console, saying the Wii U, with its touchscreen controller that augments big-screen play, is so different that it will take time for people to understand its real value."

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Prodigy-X1871d ago

Now yall know how the PS Vita feels.

Godchild10201871d ago

I mentioned the same thing when reading the title. Except it went like; Isn't that what Sony said, or at least wait until its first Holiday/Christmas?

I like them both and own them both. Games will help sell the console, but I'm sure a price is in both their futures, especially in the US and EU.

sengoku1871d ago

it's all about the games.
i'm sure when they get more AAA+ title the console sale will improve accordingly.

LOL_WUT1870d ago

The thing is the Wii U did go through it's first Christmas and the sales were average at best. Nintendo need to give the Wii U an OFFICIAL price drop for the sales to pick up then they can go from there. ;)

gamefiles1871d ago ShowReplies(1)
3-4-51871d ago

People were saying same thing about 3DS...and then the games started showing up...not just any games...good games...really good games.

Hicken1871d ago

People were more saying it wasn't worth that price AND there weren't any games. The Wii U isn't really in the same shape, from a price perspective, but it IS suffering a game drought.

I think the Wii U's sales will pick up when the games show up moreso than with a price cut.

The Wii U DOES need- and deserve, I suppose- time, but giving it time is no good if no games come WITH that time.

SilentNegotiator1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

Sure, it had nothing to do with the system dropping its price by over 30% as equally priced competition started coming its way.


AngelicIceDiamond1871d ago

Give the Wii U time? I guess but how will Nintendo answer to PS4 and the 720? Much stronger hardware attracts third party for ambitious projects and next gen AAA's. The only thing I can see Nintendo accomplishing is better looking ports on this gen.

btw The same thing happened with the Wii this gen, majority of Pubs went with Sony and MS consoles. A large amount of Devs and pubs right now, are announcing they are skipping on the U. EA, Epic.

Like I said before, Nintendo's E3 will be very interesting regarding, well, everything.

Sorry for being largely negative but its a huge concern that I have. "Give The Wii U Time" The time needs to be very very soon.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1870d ago

3 Characters: 3DS


I understand Vita's woes not because of WiiU but the 3DS.

(But as a Nintendo Fan I think I can go back further- Seeing how Blind Nintendo Hate is a mainstay in the Gaming Industry. )

I want all to do well, but I want Nintendo to do best because Games is all they "Gots". (All= includes Microsoft, Sony, IOs, PC, Ouya, Flash...)

lilbroRx1870d ago

Really, can we have a single nonegative Wii U article without something Sony related being shoehorned in from the start?

Nilemonitors131870d ago

It's all karma, they prevented the ps vita from getting monster hunter, now they wish the WiiU had the Ps vita sales of japan, I seriously hope they do better since I will buy the WiiU for pokemon.

Dj7FairyTail1870d ago

Not the same situation.
He talking about Second Screen the Gamepad not sales.

gamefreak11981870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

Personally I think the PS Vita truly just needs a price cut right now in North America and Europe to get sales with ads obviously because we all know Sony hasn't done well in the ad space without Kevin Butler. Games aren't its main problem (A problem though). While the Wii U just needs the 3rd Party Support and Games. The price I think is perfectly fine for it not even being a year old yet. I mean it would help but I am not going to buy a Wii U until I am convinced it will be supported by 3rd Parties and not just Nintendo. I hope for the best for both systems. I want both but until the games come to the Wii U and the price drop of the PlayStation Vita happen I am going to hold back on them.

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Godmars2901871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

Okay. But you gotta give me games. Xenoblade 2's a good start, but you still gotta deliver it - and its got no release date in Japan already.

Not trying to be rude or implying impatience, just saying what I've seen and what I want.

And what I've seen and what I want looks like Monster Hunter with mechs where the mechs can lob off monster parts. Slap something like that on the PS4 - make it so that social, multiplayer aspects aren't deeply involved - and that's good too.

PopRocks3591871d ago

Not saying I disagree, but Miyamoto's not working on X. That's Monolith's territory. That and they can't snap their fingers and make the game finished.

Phil321871d ago

I think that's the problem Nintendo has right now. They really can't just snap their fingers and make games finished, even though right now they sort of need to to have something, anything on the market.

Nintendo thought third-parties were going to support the Wii U and the company wouldn't need to develop so many games at first. Iwata was once again wrong in his assumption, unbelievably.

360ICE1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

But they could co-ordinate software development in such a fashion that Wii U buyers get some games every now and then. Then again, no one could have predicted that Lego City Undercover wouldn't be the best game ever. It looked fantastic.

Note: "Not the best game ever". I'm sure it's fun, but it hasn't taken the role as game of the year contending system seller as the Wii U could have needed.
That it's your favourite Wii U game is sort of adding to my point.

Phil321871d ago

I found LEGO City to be my favorite Wii U game so far. So funny, full of content, and fun. A lot of reviewers liked it actually.

rainslacker1870d ago


Nintendo announced the Wii U almost 2 years ago. They didn't have to snap, but they should have been more prepared than they are. Right now, the lack of any sufficient game library is the only disappointment i have with the system. Nintendo, and it's 3rd party support, had plenty of time to make games for the system. At this point in time we shouldn't be hearing "They're coming, just wait you'll see", we should be hearing "And this is what we have coming out after all the games being released this year".

So I guess my question long should we give them? The launch line up was good, but what now? A bunch of games which may or may not be released this year? How many titles have already been delayed? Right now I have no expectations of Nintendo, and while I like my Wii U, I feel I may have jumped the gun on supporting them so readily and early with this system.

I do agree though that Lego City is a lot of fun, and while the games are sparse, there are some decent titles worth picking up should one get the system. It is rather hard to defend the lack of software outside that though.

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deafdani1871d ago

Have you played the first Xenoblade? Because if you did, you'd know it really doesn't play like Monster Hunter, and it's very likely that Monolith's new game will play more like Xenoblade than Monster Hunter.

Dj7FairyTail1870d ago

That because it only in Alpha stage.

Orionsangel1871d ago

Give the Gamecube some time. Oh, Third place? Ok then.

Whymii1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

Sorry, I didn't know it was a race.

Who came first in the last race? Was it the 360 or the PS3? Oh wait, they came equal last to the clearly inferior wii in sales figures. Of course, the technically superior Atari Lynx and Sega GameGear won against the monocolour Gameboy, just as the PSP and Vita beat the inferior DS and 3DS. Of course they didnt, but people do like to delude themselves. Personally I couldn't care less as I've owned or still own all of them and can name a dozen games on each that I'm glad to have played. So who cares about numbers, really? It's the games that matter and I'll take quality over quantity anytime.

AJBACK2FRAG1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

Lol! You dream! e3 is coming and Ninty is bringing pain for you and boundless joy for us Wii U owners. Mario Kart U. Mario Kart Wii sold over sixty million copies that's more than six times the amount of copies SCEA sold of Gran Tourismo 5. If history holds half true that's thirty million copies an god knows how much hardware. Super Smash Bros. U. Might "Move" some hardware! Lol "might"! We'll probably get a Zelda U trailer. Retro studios hopefully will be ready to show the super secret software they been workin on. Mario 3d. If Nintendo released a sequel to Super Mario 64 they'd be back in the money printing businness pronto! I'm secretly hoping for a new F zero. The Wii U is going to win this eighth generation of home video game consoles. Here's how. 1. Nintendo is the best software developer in the world. 2. Their hardware is indestructable. 3. The people that populate Miiverse to me are the kindest, nicest, most fun loving people on the face of the planet and are incredibly talented and artistic. 4. The Wii U will be the least powerful console. 5. Lateral thinking with withered technology!
All we have to do is wait for amazing software. It takes longer to make amazing gorgeous games than it takes to make garbage. I'll wait to play the best software on earth.

TheTwelve1870d ago

Oh stop, Nintendo never brings pain. They bring love.

diepdiep1871d ago

Boy, I would do anything to meet Mr. Miyamoto in person. Too bad I can't speak Japanese :(

Trunkz Jr1871d ago

That doesn't stop you from going to the red district.

AJBACK2FRAG1870d ago

That would be incredible! He can speak alot of English. His English speaking voice is weidly low pitched.

HeroReborn1871d ago

I own a Wii-U but my patience with being a early adopter went out the window after the Rayman debacle

Whymii1870d ago

Talk about putting all your eggs in one basket.

HeroReborn1870d ago

Well you put some faith in a company when you by new tech but I can see your point lol

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