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Okay, One Last Time, Politicians: Some Games Aren't For Kids

Is there any particular reason why politicians enjoy humiliating themselves on a daily basis? Has ANYONE figured out that violent games AREN'T FOR KIDS? (Industry)

Snookies12  +   848d ago
No, they'll never understand, because games are children toys to them, because they're all old geezers who have no idea what the word "fun" means.
PopRocks359  +   848d ago
That's part of the issue here; many of these politicians are mostly familiar with Atari, Pac-Man, Tetris, Mario and other such 'faces of gaming' titles, not the more violent media driven content we see each year. In this light they see games as children's toys, not as art or potential entertainment for a variety of ages.

And in this sense, they commonly do not possess a clear understanding of what it is they speak out against. A violent game is no more harmful than a violent movie or a violent comic/novel or a song with violent lyrics. One big similarity between all of them (other than the violence) is that parents should monitor what of it their kids are exposed to.

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