Defiance Review [Capsule Computers]

Editor Joe Morgan writes,

"Defiance. It’s rare that such an ambitious project comes along. No, this isn’t a game based on the 2008 historical drama starring Daniel Craig. Defiance was designed as a third-person shooter MMO. Even more impressive is its union with the Syfy channel’s upcoming show of the same name that aims to unite two completely separate forms of media – television and video games. How well does Defiance hold up? Should you join the fight or rise up against it? Let’s find out."

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futurefrog1873d ago

Not bad, I think I might give this a chance. Its an interesting concept that seems executed well enough

ManDemon1873d ago

Yeah, I had my doubts about this when I first heard about it. Certainly seems better than I had feared.

masterabbott1873d ago

I just purchased this .. im going to give this a good go over the weekend!

SolidDuck1873d ago

The game is really good. Ya 7.5 to an 8 is prob what I'd give it. If u u factor in everything, graphics , sound ect... But just in terms of fun and value it's excellent.

Myst1873d ago

Yep I figured this would be where the scores would fall. Still fun can even be quite addictive actually.

Fil1011873d ago

Exactly what i've been saying all along if you can forgive the not so great graphics. The game is a blast playing on your own and an even bigger blast with your buddy's oh yeah and the major arch falls are mental in a good way.

militissanctus1873d ago

The ark falls are CRAZY! 200 people on ATVs rush to an area to take out this HUGE monster!? Love it!

brich2331873d ago

Follow Defiancegame on twitter for news updates and server updates.

militissanctus1873d ago

Yeah, they've been doing a good job of keeping the gamers informed!

brich2331872d ago

But ingame they dont tell us anything. They should tell us in games menus to check thier Twitter page

PS3gamer4life1873d ago

I dont agree i give it a 9/10

militissanctus1873d ago

Hey, it's definitely a TON of fun. I agree with the reviewer, though - there are a few things missing right now.

VeritasJoe1873d ago

9/10? Wow, it's that good? I'm excited for the TV show too!

MysticStrummer1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

Everyone has their own scoring system for personal reviews, but I'd definitely score Defiance higher than 7.5. I guess it would depend on what system you play it on, because the 360 has the worst problems so far, while PS3's version is in the best shape. PC is in the middle. I say that based on what I've been reading in the official forums, posted by players and Trion themselves. I'm playing on PS3 and I love it, though I have run into some bugs here and there. The fun factor is through the roof in my opinion, and more than makes up for any problems I've had. I'd say 9 is not out of the question at all. I love the Ark Falls. Seeing multiple players get knocked into the air by a Hellbug Monarch makes me smile every time, even when it happens to me. I think over time the game will improve a lot, performance wise, but it's already one of my favorite gaming experiences this generation. I almost never buy Season Passes but I'm fairly certain I'll be getting this one.

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The story is too old to be commented.