Why the hell should Larian Studios get your money? The current state of RPG’s

Larian Studios are trying to create the best RPG ever, this much is known. Having turned to Kickstarter a good ways into the development process, the independent studio announced a want for community support, in order to fill their world with richness and vibrancy. Kickstarter is usually seen a way to, well, kick start projects, so coming to the platform this far into the games development is a strange and daunting risk. If they already have a game, why do they need your money?

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fossilfern1659d ago

I will be backing them when I get paid next week! I have been a big fan of the Divinity games since Divine Divinity. And Divinity 2 was a great, though slightly flawed, RPG.

RogueSmurf1659d ago

i pledged just because the dev is awesome lol

GamerEuphoria1659d ago

As a site we had all four members of staff back the project. It's a refreshingly ambitious RPG so we were happy to back the project!

RogueSmurf1659d ago

yes its really a refreshing change to see and something we are involved in with regards to promotion and testing

Bakkies1659d ago

Because at kickstarter you get your money for nothing and your chicks for free.

anticlimax1658d ago

Agreeing with you just for the use of clever reference. Big fan of Larian though, go Belgium!

RogueSmurf1656d ago

got confirmed as funded today, excited for release