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iRant: The Microsoft Rumor Mill

If only we knew what was going on inside the Microsoft HQ right now, but sadly, no one outside of the industry does. This creates a problem as people speculate what amazing feats the big companies will jam into their next console. However, instead of good news in the past few years, the gaming media has decided to go the way of the regular media, and pushing fear based on rampant speculation rather than on actual facts. For example, Kotaku decided to report on a tweet.They stated that a man by the name of Adam Orth who is employed by Microsoft likes his devices always online. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

BABYLEG  +   782d ago
Blah blah blah
greenpowerz  +   782d ago
I know right? yet media and anti MSFT fanboys continue the blah blah blah. N4G=FOX NEWS
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