PSLS PlayList: April 6th & 7th, 2013 – One Week Edition

With Sebastian unable to perform his duties at PSLS this week, we were under the tyranny of Anthony Severino, Founder of PlayStation LifeStyle, for the past few days. Mr. Moss should be back this Monday, so here’s what everyone is playing for our last days of being Sebastian-less.

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Foolsjoker1813d ago

I Can't wait to finish BioShock Infinite.

knifefight1813d ago

Still working through Bioshock 2...THEN I'll also be aboard the Infinite train!

Foolsjoker1813d ago

Seems like it's never it's infinite or something.

Wedge191813d ago

Nice pic from Fringe.Great show!

ftwrthtx1813d ago

Just saw my RTTS guy signing autographs before a game in MLB 13 The Show. That's pretty cool.