Open beta for MMO Warframe attracts more than 1M players

According to game developer/publisher Digital Extremes, more than one million gamers are taking part in the open beta for Warframe, the company's upcoming free-to-play sci-fi online computer game.

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TheSoundDefense1846d ago

I can't say I'm too displeased at the increase in F2P games, really. There's some part of me that takes an odd pleasure in seeing the world adapt to technology with new business models. I'm weird.

ATi_Elite1846d ago

F2P is really cool!

Some F2P gams are really good and worth a micro-transaction or 2 or 3.

Statix1846d ago

I played the game for a couple hours, and it seems incredibly limited and repetitive, even by free-to-play standards.

landog1845d ago

thought it was cool and has promise, given some more time it could be a really unique and fun co-op game