Skyrim's title update 1.9 confirmed for console release this Monday

Bethesda confirmed that title update 1.9 for “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” is currently set to release on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 on Monday, April 8. Just earlier this week, the developer revealed that the patch was undergoing the certification process for console release and now it appears that the update has passed the test as Bethesda today confirmed rumors that title update 1.9 is scheduled for release next week.

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InTheZoneAC1840d ago

waiting for a discounted game of the year/complete edition after selling it right before the DLC was made available for ps3.

1nsaint1840d ago

The last dlc hasn't been announced yet, so there won't be a GOTY edition anytime soon

FRAKISTAN1840d ago

the last dlc i think is titled redguard according to the rumours floating about

Typical-Guy1840d ago

I should pick this up again... I never finished it due to the issues it had on PS3. Now is the time!

konnerbllb1840d ago

My game freezes every 5-15 minutes on xbox. Funny thing is if I create a new character it doesn't freeze at all. Hopefully this patch fixes that.

I feel sorry for you ps3 guys, I heard you had it bad. I think the same issue with the large save file freezing the game is persistent on xbox as well but from what I've read it's much worse over on PS3.

SpecialK1840d ago

I have it on the ps3 but Ive seen it on the xbox.

The main issue is the frame rate, in areas its not smooth at all. The next thing is the lighting, in some of the darker sections its like looking at 2 different games.

Still good game though. Just could have done with more dev time.

violents1840d ago

It helped mine from freezing so much if I turned off autosaving, but then you have to remember to save constantly or risk losing hours of gameplay if it glitches out and you havent saved. I got it on ps3, dont know if it will help on xbox but you can try it.