No Plans to Bring the PS Vita Tales Games to the US Because the System is “Doing Relatively Poorly”

Hideo Baba, Producer on the Tales franchise, was recently interviewed and asked a bunch of questions, with one of the more interesting answers revolving around the Japan-only Tales of Innocence R and Tales of Hearts R.

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Sev1599d ago

I have to agree. Well said.

Snookies121599d ago

Haha, sometimes silence says it all.

aCasualGamer1599d ago


If he's concerned over poor Vita sales, yet he'd rather have 1,40 million potential buyers than 4,5 million? Last time i checked, there are more Vitas sold in the west(America and Europe) than in Japan... This is... absurd... illogical... mind-numbing... ignorant.


dedicatedtogamers1599d ago

I haven't followed the Tales series, so maybe I'm speaking out of turn, but...

...haven't the Tales games ALWAYS had issues with localizations? There are like, 40 Tales games in Japan released over the years. Maybe five of them were released outside of Japan? Okay, I'm exaggerating, but this news doesn't seem unusual.

sunnygrg1599d ago

There's a reason "games" are called system sellers.

A strip joint won't make money if there aren't any new and refreshing strippers.

juandren1599d ago

^ boobs will always make money

MrWonderful1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

No sir boobs will not always make money. Do you want to pay money to see a pair of floor dragging breast because I sure don't. They must be nice in order to be profitable. Also I didn't give you the disagree btw.

sikbeta1598d ago

It's nothing but the truth, Vita is selling really bad and of course games sell worse on that platform, why burn cash to bring the games here when bigger games like ACL and COD:BOD can't even reach 500k with bundles included...

Godchild10201598d ago

@ sikbeta
It funny that you say that because according to Vgchartz (I know Vgchartz), both AC:L and COD:D sold about 600K and that number could have reached a million if not more if we could get digital sales and I believe in Europe AC:L came as a digital copy in the bundle.

So, while it is true the system is not selling as well as most of us would like it to be selling. The games are selling, when they are available. I'm sure if we could get digital sales, you would be to believe that. Wasn't it reported a month ago, that Demon Gaze sold 25K just digital alone in its first week or so? I know that is in Japan, but that is the only game I know that has reported digital sales that is solely on the Vita. Also RCR, but that is on the PS3 as well.

NewMonday1598d ago

then let XSEED do it if they don't.

Tultras1598d ago


The vita WAS selling really bad, not its doing okay, not good, but okay.

Secondly both P4, ACL and COD vita sold REALLY WELL, given the attachment rate. ACL sold around 600k I believe, on a consumer base or 2mil ( at that time ), that's pretty amazing if you ask me.

nukeitall1598d ago

I remember when the PS Vita price, line up and features was cheered like the second coming of Christ!

Turns out, all the love from the hardcore gamers wasn't enough....

FFXI1011598d ago

I agree with you. I don't understand the logic behind it. I, myself own a vita and work at retail store. The compalin I heard from most vita owners is that there aren't enough game for them(physical disc, not the downloadable ones) and I have to agree with them. I wish there are more vita games then what we have now.

He should know one of the main reasons for the slow sales is not enough games and the other is the price point. to real ease more games would encourage gamers to support it, want to buy it. But he got it backward.

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LOGICWINS1599d ago

This is a good thing. It implies that sales are the only thing holding Tales games away from the Vita. Once sales pick up, then we shall have them!

wishingW3L1599d ago

for the sales to pick up the system will need more games. It's kind of a redundant contradiction.

LOGICWINS1599d ago

More games are coming. Wait for E3.

RememberThe3571599d ago

"Redundant contradiction?" lol You coulda just said "chicken or the egg." I actually just sat here and thought of redundant contradictions. It's kinda cool honestly, harder than I thought it's be.

On topics though, this does suck for people wanting to get their hand on this game and Sony has really dropped the ball with the Vita. It's looking like the PSP all over again; great hardware, not enough compelling software.

trickman8881599d ago

"Wait for E3"

LOL yeah, like how E3 saved the Vita last time, right?

SilentNegotiator1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

Wait for E3? .....You bought a Vita, didn't you, Squidward? [image]

Sony should have subsidized Vita until it could get out of the loop of "needs games, won't sell" can't expect third parties to take that risk.

GrandTheftZamboni1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )


"Redundant contradiction?" lol You coulda just said "chicken or the egg."

I too was thinking of some Redundant contradiction, but all I had in the fridge was some pizza leftovers.

rainslacker1598d ago

Isn't the Vita doing better in the US than Japan though? I mean until the recent price drop I remember reading an article about that. Not to mention EU/US combined for localization is a bigger market than Japan is.

This also seems like the kind of game that many Vita owners right now would buy.

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himdeel1599d ago

Japanese developers make no sense this generation. If they no longer export their games no one will care when they do.

Fullmetalevolust1598d ago

Operation Rainfall should get on that, isn't it what they do? They petition to localize games...right?

chaos-lockheart1598d ago

it's doing poorly because YOUR NOT FREAKEN SUPPORTING IT WITH YOUR GAMES!!!! It's a stalemate, gamers not buying because there's no games for it, and developers see no ones buying so they don't make games for it. Some times I just think developers are so stupid, this simple logic they can't understand.

DA_SHREDDER1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

bwahhahaha, the crappy action jrpg overrated piece of series poo is gon3! 4 Eva!

Main_Street_Saint1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

Eva? The anime?

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PopRocks3591599d ago

Shouldn't you release games to help it do better then? Usually when a console has a small install base, you expand its library to bring in more potential consumers. While I understand the need to make profitable products, I don't see how developers can't see that notable software will move quality hardware.

wishingW3L1599d ago

it never been like that and never will be.

StockpileTom1598d ago

It used to work like that before publishers lost their will to take even the smallest risks...

maniacmayhem1599d ago

That doesn't work at all. You are releasing an already niche title to a device with a small install base.

The return might not even cover the port to the system.

PopRocks3591599d ago

What I'm saying is, they're not releasing a game on the Vita because the install base is small. Shouldn't they support it, possibly with another, smaller game to help move units? Why not a new iteration of Pac-man Championship Edition? Something to expand its library and increase the chances of a sale?

Besides, Monster Hunter is pretty niche in the western market and it boosted Wii U sales in the UK.