Can Always Online Benefit Microsoft? Why Yes It Can

4Player-"With the recent rumblings about how the next generation console from Microsoft will always require an internet connection, there has been increasing public outcry. We’ve seen it in leaked developer specs, we’ve seen Microsoft “employees” talk about it, and with every whisper and rumor it becomes closer to becoming a reality. But how can this possibly be good for Microsoft when the only thing their biggest competitor needs to do is not suck?"

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dvewlsh1693d ago

I do think that you are right that it is them trying to make publishers happy, but at the end of the day it is about making the consumer happy, not the publisher.

Do I think that if this came true gamers would suck it up and deal with it anyway? Yes.

Do I also think that it could hurt sales? Absolutely.

darthv721693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

to say that they will leave the online key checking to the publisher/developers of the games. That may make it look like sony is the "good guy" by not enforcing the always online approach but it doesnt absolve them either.

Right now, speculation about MS and their always online is outpacing the majority of PS4 news and sony is obviously aware of this. Why else would they join the fray on the topic in the first place? they could just as easily stayed out but instead, they reiterated that it will be game companies that will/wont enforce that option.

So Ms hasnt confirmed/denied anything other than they dont comment on rumors and people still think its the gospel that its happening. For all we know, it will still come down to the individual game companies to enforce this.

No one is willing to listen to reason because there is no reason to listen. They have made up their minds and when the official word finally comes forward it will be like wizard of oz. someone in the audience will shout...Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

edit @357, this has been a topic that has likely been on the minds of many for some time not just the last couple of months. But think about it for just a moment.

You cant get any real solid info on something so you turn to a hot topic that has never been really discussed and you twist it into something useful. Something that you know the public will get worked up over. then you sell it, people buy it and it goes crazy.

Stuff like that happens in REAL news not just game news. you try and squash rumors only to have the mere involvement of squashing rumors added to the fray of the possibility the rumors are true. There is no bright light at the end of this tunnel. But you just have to drive through and come out on the other side when you feel you have reached your end.

When MS has reached their when we will know.

bangshi1693d ago

Which makes you think, they really need to show the 720 sooner rather than later just so they can clear this whole thing up.

On a personal level I don't care if it was always online. On an anecdotal level observing people I know, friends, work colleagues - they wouldn't either.

Those against it - certainly in countries where the most Xbox consoles are sold - are in the minority.

The trouble is, when you're selling 10s of millions of consoles the minority isn't just a handful of people, its hundreds of thousands of people.

I think we need to wait and see if indeed they are including this before we all rage hard - and if they are including it, wait to see their reasons why.

If it is to prevent used games and piracy, I can smell the rage now. If it is to make some cool new feature work - maybe it will win some people over.

RememberThe3571693d ago

Your giving them too much credit. This is not a manufactured story. This is an issue that came up a month ago and someone from MS responded poorly to inquiries about.

Tell us all why MS would defend something that doesn't exist? Why would they let all of us hammer on them about something that never really was. The saying "any press is good press," only applies to things people don't know about. We all know MS, most of us grew up using their products. In this case bad press is bad. No one on their PR team is going, "I'm glad people are slamming the console we haven't even announced yet it's getting us exposure." No one there is that naive. They're either going to walk this back or spin it. But we've had developers confirm it and an MS employee defend it. It's real and it sucks.

kneon1693d ago


It's not hundreds of thousands that are affected, it's 10's of millions. Not only would it affect the 30+% of Xbox owners that do not connect their console to the internet but it will also impact all those that buy used games or rent games.

dedicatedtogamers1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

The more I follow the news, the more I feel it's a troll. It's just TOO perfect. It's just TOO hot. Microsoft has expertly hushed journalists and its fanbase over far worse issues (RRoD, dashboard updates, new focus on Kinect, etc).

I think Microsoft may be waiting so they can announce "hey, you can play games online or offline" and end up looking like heroes. And then everyone will turn a blind eye when Microsoft continues to charge for online play and forces you to have an XBL account to play music, watch Netflix, or download demos.

The sad thing is, I think the bar really is that low for the loyal 360 fanbase, the few that have stuck around and held out for Microsoft to focus on them again.

bangshi1693d ago

@kneon you are wrong. Just because 30% of consoles have not connected to Xbox LIVE does not mean that 30% cannot connect to the service. Plenty will have the ability to do it but are not bothered about the online features so haven't connected it.

In addition being always online does not mean no used games or game rentals. You can do one without the other.

dedicatedtogamers1693d ago

What makes this whole thing hilarious is that XBL matchmaking just went down. Worse yet, XBL Silver members can't access their save files "due to server problems".

Hahahah! Microsoft didn't wait for "always online". It's already here. My sides. Oh, my sides.

GenericNameHere1693d ago

Sony allowed devs to let a game be region-free if they wanted. Ever since the PS3 launched all way back from mid November 2006 to now, only 1 (read ONE) game was region-locked.

Maybe the devs will do the same and just make the games DRM-free.

thechosenone1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )


they're not mandating that sh*t like MS is trying to do so they are the good guys in my eyes. and to those few publishers that dare push that sh*t on our platform we'll simply avoid their games and that'll be the end of DRM on the Sony platform.

rainslacker1693d ago

Even if they leave it up to publishers, I hope they make it mandatory that there has to be an obvious mention of it on the front of the box. SimCity didn't do this, and many people were upset because they just didn't know that they had to have the game connected to play. It was mentioned in small print on the back of the SimCity box.

If it's obvious, then I hope it kills the sales of the first big game that uses it, so we never have to deal with it again.

Tito081692d ago

Damn, the console should be called "Xbox Always Online" with all of this annoying articles pointing at that, they should give it a rest already until Microsoft unveils the console, game journalists with their stupid analogies.

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fermcr1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

From now until release, every day there are going to be stupid articles trying to convince gamers that always online and no used games is the best thing that ever happened to gaming... (sponsored by Microsoft).

EDIT: I agree with darthv72.
Sony did say that online key checking is up to publisher/developers of the games. What that means is that most games on the PS4 are going to use the no used games check.

In all honesty, next gen consoles aren't looking that appealing to me. I'll wait for future developments to make up my mind.

Ezz20131693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

if the consumer not happy
then the publisher won't be happy
simply because they get their money from the consumer

if MS or 3rd party dev's do this
nothing good will come out from this

(sony is not doing it with it own 1st/2nd part games ...but they said it's up to 3rd party studios to do it or not)
i won't buy any 3rd party game that support this

NateCole1693d ago

Yes that's what bothers me with this these sort of moves. Console manufactures and publishers getting more power over gamers. It's a very dangerous precedence for console gaming.

If these rumors are true it's more reason for me to hate MS. Anything they touch turns to shit.

First they pushed for paying to play on line. Then they pushed for paid DLC and time exclusives. If these rumors are true then we will have further barriers for gamers.

kneon1693d ago

Console manufacturers and publishers have no power over you, it's the other way around. We can survive just fine without them, by they can't survive without customers.

If you don't like what they are doing then just don't buy their products.

NateCole1693d ago

Kenon I did that and still things are going to shit.

They have no power over me but they have power over a lot of other gamers.

rainslacker1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

Well Nate...the last console crash came about because publishers and devs thought they could just push out whatever they wanted and people would accept it. That didn't happen obviously an the consumer became disillusioned.

It's hard to say what immediate effect it would have nowadays with gaming being much larger, but no doubt the long term ramifications would be similar.

If a majority of the core just said "screw it" then it would be very hard times ahead. Many of the best devs love making core games over casual, and not everyone wants to make indie games.

I guess my point is that there's a tipping point where the consumer just doesn't care anymore because it doesn't provide enough value for the money. Consoles should be simple, but they are quickly becoming more complicated than PC's.

GamerToons1693d ago

Can it benefit MS? Of course it can.

How the hell does it benefit gamers is what they should give a damn about because all I see is a restrictive future chocked full of DRM.

Nilemonitors131693d ago

All I know is that if this is true, and people still buy the new xbox, it'll prove that people will let anything or anyone stomp all over them, let us Ps fans enjoy our console, and let xbox people "enjoy theirs" there's only so much we can do to warn them to avoid M$ dirty business practises, in time they will realise their mistake, stubbornness cannot be cured. Let's only care for our future as gamers and support our company.

GraveLord1692d ago

Will the publishers be happy if their games flop? Because that's what will happen if Microsoft goes through with this. NO ONE will buy the next Xbox, they'll buy the PS4 instead.

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StrongMan1693d ago

This won't be good in ANY way. Nice try, though.

Dlacy13g1693d ago

hehe...same could be said for your comments in any Xbox article.

Hicken1693d ago

Which is relevant HOW?

On topic, at first glance, it APPEARS to be beneficial to Microsoft. But given the sales they stand to lose because of this, it's GOT to be considered a a net loss. No matter what kind of revenue streams they manage to generate from the always online model, it won't be able to compensate for the lack of console sales they'll suffer.

THAT'S the biggest, most important of revenue streams, and the one devs, publishers, and console manufacturers need to be most focused on developing.

StrawHatPatriot1693d ago

lol of course it can benefit Microsoft, I mean no used games, and even more subscription based services.

kneon1693d ago

And potentially much lower console sales and heaps of negative PR. It doesn't seem like a worthwhile tradeoff.

dark_1011693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

Well, this will help some developers for sure..
And we all know how M$ go crazy with them

sithsylar1693d ago

I told you there will be articles saying its a positive but please people remember diablo 3 *shudders*.

secretcode1693d ago

**** that, remember Sim City.

For the love of God, it JUST happened. How could people just write that off so suddenly.

sithsylar1693d ago

Exactly well said as well. People just write this off so easily because you know they are sheepople.

ApolloTheBoss1693d ago

I read your comment in Hank Hill's voice lol.

darthv721693d ago

how quickly did the Simcity issue get resolved? I havent played the game but it seems to be selling well and getting good reviews.

Whatever their issue was, was fixable. That doesnt mean the same situation will happen for every game from this moment forward. Some will have issues and others wont.

But the higher profile the title, the more pronounced the issues will be made out to be even if they arent really anything to get pushed out of shape over.

I was still expecting to see dozens of simcity issue threads....where did they go? did EA pay off everybody who bought a copy to keep them quiet?

secretcode1693d ago


Everyone does. EVERYONE.


Lack of interest.

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cyguration1693d ago

You can always count on gaming media to suck the you-know-what of console manufacturers and publishers.

They will NEVER side with the consumer or gamer, unless it's Rock Paper Shotgun or Destructoid. Everyone else is an extended marketing arm of the publisher and a media pansy.

NeoTribe1693d ago

Diablo simply had launch issues like most games. Been playing it since it released and it runs flawlessly.