Smoke and mirrors: How BioShock Infinite tricks you into liking Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a wonderfully written character whose interaction with protagonist Booker DeWitt forms the core of BioShock Infinite’s tale and is all the better for it. She’s easy to care about and hard to forget. As far as A.I. partners in games go, Elizabeth is probably the best.

But the developers cheated to achieve that.

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wita1843d ago

Ah, the dangers of analyzing computer entities too closely. :) I enjoyed this piece, though.

darkronin2291843d ago

I'll save this in my growing BioShock Infinite article folder. Still haven't finished the game...

AronDeppert1843d ago

If only they could trick me into liking first person games.

ShadowPraxis1843d ago

Curious as to what your issue is with them. Care to elucidate? I find I get a lot more immersed in first person than I do in third. Third always feels instantly "gamey" to me. Not that such a thing is bad, mind. Different strokes and all. Just wondering what about it in specific doesn't work for you.

FreshRevenge1843d ago

I do have to say that I do enjoy Elizabeth's company and all, but I have notice some funny things about her. There was this one level that I had clear the entire room of baddies and she was still crouching behind a wall or table like there was someone in the room. Also I would wait for her to say hmmm. That was clear sign that she found money. The one thing that I found odd was she can hand you salts and money and ammo but she can't pick up lockpicks? Booker can you please pick up those lock picks.

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The story is too old to be commented.