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Castlevania-Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate follows the tribulations of Simon, Alucard and Trevor Belmont. As a game that was suppose to reboot the series, Mirror of Fate more or less mimics its classic brethren while still maintaining the modern mechanics of Lords of Shadow. In the process, it somehow manages to pull off a competent game that explains the history of the Belmont family.

From the onset, we are given a brief, but playable prologue of Gabriel Belmont as he approaches the all-too familiar castle that has been the epic center of every Castlevania game. The story unfolds in a linear fashion as werewolves scamper up trees and across your peripheral view. Even though you battle the evil that inhabits the castle, it is brief and only serves to introduce Simon Belmont some fifty seven years later as he attempts to avenge the death of his parents

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