Gamer 2.0: MLB 2K8 Review

Chris Selogy of Gamer 2.0 writes: "Since Take Two nabbed the exclusive third-party MLB license, that particular part of the genre has had an interesting turn of events. The MVP series tried college baseball and has disappeared, Sony's MLB series has improved greatly as an underdog, and 2K Sports' MLB series has fallen on hard times. MLB 2K6 was just a broken mess of code while 2K7 was somewhat playable, but with MLB 2K8, 2K Sports is looking to right the sinking ship and finally give 360 owners a baseball game to be proud of. With a new facelift to pretty much all facets of the gameplay, does MLB 2K8 succeed or fail once again to give baseball fans a home on the 360? "

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AlexQuevedo3693d ago

Kind of sucks that this turned out so "meh"