Amazon: Borderlands 2 PC digital for $25 with season pass, others

Borderlands 2 is on sale on Amazon for today only, as well as a few other console games.

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isyourhouseonfire1572d ago

BL2 wasn't exactly a memorable game. I don't think a discounted price will change that.

Conquerbeard1572d ago

I remember it quite well. Still playing, in fact. Sorry you missed out on fun.

Xristo1572d ago

Totally agree. Handsome Jack's humor alone is worth the price of admission to Pandora. :P

worldwidegaming1572d ago

Sold! This is why i waited. No point in buying day 1. Yeah its an ok game. So is the price.

Conquerbeard1572d ago

If you didn't play it, how do you know it's an ok game?

worldwidegaming1572d ago

Played it at a friends place for 4hrs. At that price its worth it.