Playing ActRaiser for the First Time

The ActRaiser series lived and died on the SNES. But was this title really worth the neglect it's experienced since? Perhaps developers seeking to blend genres should take note of this eclectic classic from another era.

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jakerocheleau1485d ago

I wish developers could still publish games for Super Nintendo. Looking back, that was a really classic gaming system.

DJjazzyGeth1485d ago

Some indie developers do, in fact, still release games on retro consoles, albeit sparingly and with tiny production runs. Check out Nightmare Busters!

guitarded771485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Yeah, it's cool, but there's just not any money in it. Best alternative is to just make indie games in the style of the generation. There have been a lot of indie games styled to the 16-bit era.

On Topic: I remember seeing the screenshots of Act Raiser when the SNES launched and thinking about how amazing the graphics where. Which they were for the time. It was special to see backdrops with depth instead of black or blue...

Fullmetalevolust1485d ago

Good for you man, it doesn't get more classic than Actraiser. Simcity with a kick ass story and action packed stages! This needs an HD revamp!Or to be released on Nintendo eshop

YoungPlex1485d ago

Funny, I just mentioned this game as one of the top 5 best titles ever to grace the SNES in a recent article. Glad your enjoying it, I enjoyed it many times as a child!

mydyingparadiselost1485d ago

One of my favorite games growing up and one of the few I purchased on VC. The 2nd ruined the genre blending of the first and killed the series though :(

Donnywho1485d ago

Definitely one of my favorites.

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