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Submitted by Filthcardia 968d ago | opinion piece

What If Microsoft’s Next Console Required An Internet Connection?

Could Microsoft destroy its consumer base’s confidence by requiring an always-online Internet connection? (Industry, Microsoft, Next-Gen, Tech, Xbox One)

Good_Guy_Jamal  +   968d ago
I would not buy it. It's as simple as that for me. But I respect those that would make a different decision.
NukaCola  +   968d ago
Unless MS blows me away at E3, I'm not going to buy another Xbox. I was too burned this generation with the dashboard turning to windows media live, increase in online pricing, and lack of fresh games. They better show me that these runours are false or I'm out.
BlmThug  +   968d ago
Agreed. I took a risk with MS this gen because before that, I was all Playstation gaming with the odd Nintendo handheld/console. That risk however did not truly work out and after four years of the 360, I sold it and went back to a Playstation and next gen looks like a PS4 day one purchase and maybe 5-6 years after launch, a Nextbox purchase. If there is no Always On though and Forza 5 is present, I may buy it after a year or two
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Septic  +   968d ago
Well I for one wasn't 'burned' this generation. MS took the charge for many years and for many gamers like me who play games online, it was unrivaled as a console as far as the combination of its games, social functionality and ease of use was concerned.

Whilst MS definitely needs to introduce more IP's, the importance of the likes of Halo, Forza and Gears this gen should not be underestimated. They, along with other games such as crackdown and the like gave many of us memorable experiences and the manner in which they were desgined (CO-OP based gameplay in many of these games), I got to enjoy these games with my friends.

I will however, purchase all the consoles because, in the worst case scenario where the Nextbox doesn't have many new exclusives, it will be still be the only home for seminal titles like Halo and the quality and appeal of the latter title to many gamers shouldn't be understimated.

However, Sony are clearly stepping up their game this generation. They are correcting all their mistakes; more social functionality, ease of use with no delays in enjoying your game, more gamer-centic focus. Whilst Sony may never have a Halo-killer, it will no doubt offer a wealth of experiences beyond it with the likes of Destiny and other games in its arsenal.

Still; MS deserve the benefit of the doubt because who would have thought at the beginning of this gen, that they would have come out so strongly and give the likes of Sony so much cause for concern? I certainly didn't. I thought the PS3 would obliterate the competition once it was out.

Time will tell but most important of all, I pray for an ultra-competitive generation with MS, Nintendo and Sony pulling out all the stops to ensure that we're playing on their respective platforms.
sengoku  +   968d ago
M$ will not lose nextgen over this.
they will lose Core gamers.
they have been moving away from core gamers for years so this is no surprise to me.

make up you own mind.

for me i'm all in for PS4 because i feel it has more of the things i want for nextgen.
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Baka-akaB  +   968d ago
While they still had/got good exclusives , it's no secret i dont feel particularly attached to MS exclusives and hate the way te handle their live services . If anything the Ips i cared about went sooner or later multiplatform , and aside from Halo , i dont care enough for their first party games to follow their next console .

Now that's my current state of mind , things could change with their ips , new or otherwise .

What wouldnt change my mind is if the console is forcefully perpetually online .

As a hint of fate , i spent a whole week with constant connection drops and my net finally dying , just because unbeknown to me some douchebag neighbor was renovating his house and manage to damage the phone line .

If i had the currently rumored 720 , what the hell would i be doing ?
Dfooster  +   967d ago
@sengoku. Nintendo tried moving away from the core gamers and after an initial success they have hit the cliff with the wii u. If Microsoft are following that business model then I wish them all the best.
CarlosX360  +   968d ago
When I read this story, I thought "Isn't that the whole point of 'always-on' DRM?"

Yeah, no... Pass.
delboy  +   967d ago
Ms will not lose anything.
Maybe they will lose some core customers/gamers, but that's the minority.
Even if they lose 30% of their current user base, but I think it will be less.
Anyway, there's still millions of casuals or hardcore gamers that doestn't care, all they want is to play the next CoD, BF, GoW, MGS or whatever.
Publishers will be all over it, because the revenue will jump 500% even with smaller install base.
Simple, No used games, No rentals, No piracy, No trading, and they will have total control over game prices.
It's the next step in the industry, just deal with it.
And one more thing, Ps4 doesn't require always online, that's right, but some 3rd party games require it.
In the end it will be to the publishers to decide, just like with online passes this gen.
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B-radical  +   967d ago
Manveer Heir @manveerheir
A dear friend of mine @adam_orth is getting a lot of flak, some unfairly. Let me say he's one of the good guys and cut him some slack please
GraveLord  +   967d ago
It really is that simple. Limit what your console can do and you limit the amount of customers. The video game industry will be fine though. There are alternatives.
3-4-5  +   967d ago
if it has to be always on, and there are a few other iffy things about it, then it might be the first time I buy a Sony Console.
StrongMan  +   968d ago
It would be curtains.
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urwifeminder  +   968d ago
I will get one day one with drm or without or blocking games for me its not a factor, i allways enjoyed the games they make and will make it my 2nd main gaming unit next to pc.
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M-M  +   968d ago
Why did this even get approved? You can find most of the answers to that question by looking at the hottest Microsoft articles on N4G.
Moentjers  +   968d ago
VGchartz wouldn't be necessary anymore.
PS4isKing_82  +   968d ago
It's pretty simple. They'll go back to their Xbox 1 days or worse and Sony will control the industry again for the most part with Nintendo picking up the rest.

RIP Xbox brand.
die_fiend  +   968d ago
Both of my consoles are connected 100% of the time. The problem is what happens when their servers go down? Does this mean the entire console base can't play? If so then no sale. I do find it kinda hard that given there are about 70 millions 360s and 40 million on live that MS are gonna stick their finger up at 40%. But it's not like they really seem to know what they're doing these last couple of years
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   968d ago
when MS do not support your games anymore after few years, you will not able to play the games because the servers are down. You really do not own your games, you pay only for services. And services will not last for very long.
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Veneno  +   967d ago
This is the real point people aren't thinking about. What if the original NES had this online roadblock? You could never play your old collection again as im sure by now Nintendo would not support such an old console. You will not own your games with "always connected". Plain and simple.
Jakens  +   967d ago
Baka-akaB  +   968d ago
Start with ISPs actually proposing a perpetually online internet connection , and then we shall discuss this again .

As stupid as my post sounds , its hardly the case in most countries and even the "best cities"
Jek_Porkins  +   967d ago
You'd have to have a internet connection if you wanted to buy one?
Hicken  +   967d ago
And if you didn't, what incentive would you have for buying one?
Jek_Porkins  +   967d ago
The question was "What if Microsoft's next console required an internet connection?" and I answered that you'd need to have an internet connection if you wanted to buy one, obviously.

I don't get into rumors, but if someone wanted to buy a console without internet there would be other options available. The bad part is, it looks like a lot of the top franchises are going DRM anyway (Assassins Creed, Watch Dogs and even the new Bungie outing Destiny). So if you don't have an internet connection, you'll probably end up missing out on some good titles at some point.
Gamer-40  +   967d ago
I see the future.

Xbox flop, WiiU flop.

Ps4 win.............
NastyLeftHook0  +   967d ago
The thing is, i cancelled out my internet connection because of loans/ect and when i want to play something i don't want to have to have a burden of getting a whole new contract of service just to play a game. And i have always loved game consoles in general (i thought the gamecube was underrated) loved the playstation franchise and everything that comes along with it. BUT for the love of god if ps4 does not require an internet connection that is even more incentive for me as a gamer to buy a ps4, (just as i always planned anyway) and im SURE most gamers would feel the exact same way.
B-radical  +   967d ago
Orthy @adam_orth
@nnajda I think you probably meant to say "some games do not require online". Saying that games do not require online isn't accurate at all.
ZombieStalker  +   967d ago
Always online - game over for me! XBL down for maintenance or your Internet is down for some reason and as a result you can't play offline. If this is the case I will not be purchasing it, period!
Lvl_up_gamer  +   967d ago
I would buy it. I will just unplug my 360 which is already always hooked up to the internet and then replace it with my 720 which will also always be hooked up.

Just like what I will do with my PS3 when the PS4 comes out.

All my devices are already always connected to the internet.

- 2 Galaxy s3 phones
- TV (yep, hooked into my network)
- 2 360's
- PS3
- Laptop
- Ipad

I just don't see the issue with always being connected.
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   967d ago
the big problem is that you really don't own your games you bought, you rent a service. And that service will not be last very long,, then your are fucked and everybody is fucked who really wanted to play.
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4lc4pon3  +   967d ago
the issue is this. Rumors are stating that if you dont have internet or lose your internet some how the console will not function at all.

It will require internet at all times to even play single player games. So lets say your someone like me who likes to bring your console with you on vacations to play single player games at night when everyones sleeping (Cause I do bring it with me on vacaions). Then what. The console will be useless.

A buddy of mine lives in an area where the internet is not the best. They have verizon FIOS but in his area they have dozens of problems with it where there net goes down for days or sometimes weeks. SO hes shit out of luck
DigitalRaptor  +   967d ago
Typical... only concern for your enclosed entertainment center, and not thinking about the bigger picture.

This kind of response reminds me of this http://www.huffingtonpost.c...

If you think this is any level of respectful or realistic for every single gamer, you've got another thing coming. It's not a positive move and you cannot defend it. What if your internet connection goes down or is regularly spotty? How can you defend that?
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GABRIEL1030  +   967d ago
Always online is these devices is optional. I'm almost all the time connected but sometimes I like privacy and I like to play offline. I like the 360 but I dont want to be forced to stay online all the time, sometimes the internet connection fails for days, like the last NY hurricane or in remote zones far from the cities. Maybe a mandatory montly actualization will be enough to avoid piracy.
Supermax  +   967d ago
Day one purchase for me.wont hurt ms one bit.
strickers  +   967d ago
And there is the hardcore MS fanbase mentality . Masochistic and blind
Veneno  +   967d ago
TELL ME ABOUT! I was talking to a microslave at work yesterday. He was ranting how the Wii is for casual idiots but Kinect is for harcore gamers. Microslaves getting caught up in their own BS. Its sad.
iistuii  +   967d ago
Everybody on here has one thing in common, they are all on the internet. How many of you come in & turn on your internet when you feel like it ?, nobody I know does that, its always on. Same as your consoles, 1st thing most people I know do is to check out their friends list as soon as they turn on. Both my consoles & PC sign in as soon as I turn it on. Why would I not want them to sign in ? Too many people making something out of nothing as usual. Always on ?? yep, I am already thanks.
madjedi  +   966d ago
Yeah again no one gives a shit about the current gens being always connected, because if you lose your internet signal or psn or live goes down the systems default to offline mode.

With the rumors on durango if your internet goes out your console is a expensive paperweight that does not play games regardless. If live shits a brick suddenly no gaming whatsoever for you till it is back up.

Do you get it now, you can't play anything without a internet connection, seriously how the hell does that qualify as something out of nothing.

If ms doesn't force an online requirement, that will be great for future 720 owners. And these discussions will be moot.

I swear the people that blow this off as not a big deal, seem to have the same mindset as this adam orthy guy. You know the get out of your caves and join us in the 21st century with technology type.

@Article You can basically write off all of the non gold subscribers and some of the gold subscribers(unless ms makes gold free). Not everyone has flawless high speed internet like some of you people.

This is why you always have a default offline mode, in case shit happens on your end of the connection or theirs. Btw people get pissed off when they close the mp servers of a game 3-5 yrs after release, add the sp campaign as well with this setup and enjoy.
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iistuii  +   966d ago
My internet, like my mobile phone like everything else in my household has NEVER gone down. I think YOU need to join us in the 21st Century, when things like power cuts & the like just don't happen nowadays, well not where i live anyway. Same as Xbox live has never been down for longer than a few hours in the 7 years ive had it. So yeah, im not thick, i get that always on could make my console down if Live or internet goes down, but as ive said, thats never happened, & if it does ill go on my other console or pc while i wait, not a problem.
madjedi  +   966d ago
My net rarely acts up genius, still doesn't make a always online requirement a good idea. And very rarely does the power go out, so yeah, i might just be living in the 21st century.

"Why I think YOU need to join us in the 21st Century, when things like power cuts & the like just don't happen nowadays, well not where i live anyway."(nice save) I am happy for you, unfortunately not everyone else in the world is not so lucky.

It's not just about me or you, with fairly stable high(relatively) speed connections. Not everyone else has the same options as we do.

"Why So yeah, im not thick" Still doesn't exclude you from that elitst condecending attitude, same as that guy.

Fuck it, enjoy your always online xbox 720, i will be on the competition that has a backup plan in case shit happens.

I sincerely hope if the rumors are true, that live doesn't get hacked and ms doesn't pulls the servers for a month like sony, when they were hacked.

It wasn't a fun experience and even worse since likely EVERYTHING on the next gen xbox will be tied to live's servers.
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Fishy Fingers  +   967d ago
Article after article saying the same s***, probably.
Typical-Guy  +   967d ago
I hope all this isn't true. Because DRM will only cause the system to be fully targeted by hackers.... They'll be losing consumers and losing to hackers.
PooEgg  +   967d ago
This is interesting, the poll of the day at GamFAQs is:

Would you buy a game console that required an ''Always-On'' Internet connection?

Over 48% said: No, I would refuse to buy any system with that requirement.

Another 25% said: Probably not, unless it was priced very low to make up for it.

Since we know that the next Xbox will not be priced very low those are some scary numbers.

Here is a link to the full poll.

Personally I hope they change their mind, because I always end up buying all of the systems 'eventually', but if they go this route I will probably pass on any system that pulls this nonsense. On top of being annoying it is an energy hog, and I don't like the idea of wasting electricity, my energy bill is already too high. Not to mention how bad it is for the environment. If you don't care about gamers at least care about the planet.
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WolvesDude  +   967d ago
If I get two Nextbox's like I have two 360's I wouldn't need an internet enabled connection on the one that the kids would have in their room, same as now, as all internet activity is done supervised by us in a family room.
The 360 I use for adult gameage doesn't require a Kinect to be plugged in either which according to rumour comes mandatory with the Nextbox. I'm not paying for a Kinect I will never use, my kids would use one though.

Is an always on Kinect connected to an always on internet connection in a kids room a good idea?

I don't think I'll be getting any Nextbox's.
GABRIEL1030  +   967d ago
I'll not buy It, simple¡
SpinalRemains138  +   966d ago
Everyone can say what they believe of course, but the facts are the following.

Microsoft has sold the least amount of consoles each generation, and by adding a crippling feature, they are essentially eliminating themselves from serious competition this gen. They should be giving gamers more opportunities, not taking them away while charging them a fee to do so.

This isn't even debatable to a rational individual.

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