The Best of Always Online Adam Orth

Memes featuring Adam Orth appear

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Snookies121510d ago

Already? Man internet people are fast... lol.

Cupid_Viper_31510d ago

Probably because they're "always on"...

iGAM3R-VIII1510d ago

LOOOOOL I am dying when I saw your comment +Funny

NewMonday1510d ago

some news say he was fired already.

sengoku1510d ago Show
oNIXo1509d ago

I don't normally bubble up. You sir, get a bubble up.

Campy da Camper1509d ago

@Hammond. Dude that was the funniest shit I ever have seen. Bubbles

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BanBrother1510d ago

Tell me about it man. They had these made up like hours after the douche said all this crap.
"I vacuum with the new Xbox, it sucks better" lmao.

That is the massive library of meme's from a day or so ago. Funniest stuff you will see all year.

xHeavYx1509d ago

The PSN employee of the month one was my fav

clintos591510d ago

Tired of seeing this guys picture lol.

ALICE6661510d ago

lol but you gotta admit that pic makes for a good meme.

Reverent1509d ago

It really does. Am I an awful person for being glad this guy's internet life is ruined?

Good_Guy_Jamal1510d ago

You guys are always online! When do you game??

Qrphe1510d ago

While there is people in here busy arguing about which system is "teh best 4ever <3 xD" there is actually people out there enjoying games.

wantonGamer1510d ago

One day you're a regular guy, the next you're a meme.

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