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Microsoft Comments On Adam Orth Tweets

Game Informer - "We are aware of the comments made by an employee on Twitter. This person is not a spokesperson for Microsoft, and his personal views are not reflective of those of the company. We have not made any announcements about our product roadmap, and have no further comment on this matter." (Xbox One)

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GraveLord  +   720d ago | Well said
Microsoft neither confirmed nor denied it. Title should read "Microsoft doesn't comment on Adam Orth Tweets".
xHeavYx  +   720d ago
What should worry a lot of people is the fact that MS is not denying it. I mean, if they know how big this issue is, and they won't require an "always online" thing to play games, why not just come out and say it?
Captain Qwark 9  +   720d ago
because they are still playing it off like there is no such thing as a new xbox which is retarded because everyone knows there is and knows its coming so the real question is, why not just reveal it already? your competition did, so its your turn. only thing i can thing of is they are reluctant to now because the ps4 trumps it and now they are back to the drawing board to change what they can to make it competitive

always online will be the death of them. that will even make me stay away and ive been an xbox supporter since it began
Bimkoblerutso  +   720d ago
If it is, then it's no sale from me. Easy as that. It won't even be a difficult decision, to tell the truth.
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NastyLeftHook0  +   720d ago
yeah, why not deny bad press?
Objective  +   720d ago
Why not come out and say it? Just look at how everyone is looking at and talking about the Xbox now, that's why.
xHeavYx  +   720d ago
@Objective, So, according to what you say, MS shouldn't come out and say that the always online feature is fake is because everybody is talking (crap) about the next X-Box? I'm not PR expert, but if there are a lot of negative responses regarding a product, the manufacturer should come out and say that, whatever bad rumor is going around, is not true
DatNJDom81  +   720d ago
I hope you xbox guys learn ur lesson. This is what you get for supporting their sleezy ways. No surprise here all.
darthv72  +   720d ago
Forget about Rick-Rolled...
you all just got "Adam Orthed"
KaBaW  +   720d ago
I said before and still think it's true, to what I said. If they start admitting and denying rumors, people are going to keep pushing and pushing until everything is known about the next xbox, before the official reveal. Everything (most likely) will be brought out at the xBox reveal. People just be patient.

Besides, complaining about specs and such.. likely won't change anything.
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dedicatedtogamers  +   720d ago
I wouldn't be surprised if this was all one big troll from Microsoft. We all know they read the internet. They're aware of what is said about them on message forums.

Think about it...

This news about "always on" leaks. People get upset about it. People say "I'll never buy the NextBox". Microsoft stays silent and the rumors get worse.

Then, they show off the NextBox and announce "the system can be played online or offline, but the benefits of being online..." and talk about their new direction with XBL.

The result? Microsoft comes out looking like champions of the game industry because they AREN'T implementing a rumored feature (which took no effort and probably was never real in the first place). The blogs and websites all chime in: "see guys? I told you it was fake. Microsoft loves us. They would never do something so evil. I'm going to buy a NextBox. No, wait. I'm going to buy three".
Objective  +   720d ago

MS only needs to worry about crap talk if it is actually capable of hurting their market share. Since neither the next Xbox nor the PS4 are in the market, crap talk can't do any present damage. Any potential future damage can be undone when MS announces their Xbox (assuming of course the announcement shows that the crap talk is untrue).

On the other hand, the crap talk is generating a lot of attention towards the Xbox. And that is surely what MS wants leading up to the time they make their announcement.

Hence, even if the rumors are untrue, there is no need for MS to debunk them now. Let the people speculate all they want. It serves MS purpose of getting the attention they want without being capable of causing damage that can't be remedied.
Wenis  +   720d ago
I am not a fan of the next xbox being 'always on', and this guy did kind of act like a douche, but what I really can't understand is how he has generated so much controversy over this. Its like the epitome of making mountains out of a molehill. If you don't want an always-on 720, get a PS4
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xHeavYx  +   720d ago
@Objective. You still make no sense. Everywhere you look, you see people saying they won't buy the next X-Box because of this. In no case this is good advertisement
vulcanproject  +   719d ago
Weird. Back when Ps3 was launching there was a similar sort of sh7tstorm on the internet over various choices Sony made, like the cost because of the bluray drive etc. It almost certainly impacted sales of the machine early on.

This sort of ominous internet hate building up everywhere for the idea of an 'always on' console is really, really bad news for Microsoft, who benefitted from internet animosity directed at Sony this gen.

Major Nelson's own site is full of comments voted very highly stating that they are unlikely to want the next Xbox should this be true.

Really bad PR.
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rainslacker  +   719d ago
It doesn't really worry me. It is what it is. This is how MS handles almost every rumor that implodes on them, regardless of merit. Basically say they have no comment, then say how they love their customers, and they will provide the best thing since slice bread when they finally announce a product. Nothing new really.

If I had to guess they are probably just basing this response on history. They're hoping it will die down in a few days. If it's not true, no biggie really. If it is true, they'll find a way to spin it. I'd like to think they'd rethink the policy, but knowing MS they are very unlikely to do so based on past experiences of criticisms on their methods.

If it is true, I have to admit it will be extremely interesting if consumers adopt it willingly. Other than that I will reserve actual judgement until I know, but will still say it's a bad idea in general.
Ritsujun  +   719d ago
Tainted Gene  +   719d ago
I might (will) get flamed for this but whatever... typically when comparing xbox and Sony fans the one difference that separates them (its not definitive) is that Sony fans TEND to defend Sony come Hell and High Water; while Xbox fans SEEM to be more reasonable and realize that a feature/aspect about the Xbox is bad.

I game on both systems and with the lastest rumor about the ALWAYS ONLINE feature for the xbox, I can safely say the best thing about the new 720 is that it will save me 400-500 dollars by not buying it.

I fully rexognize the HUGE faults with this course of actions by microsoft and am not hesistant to say so... but Sony fans seem extremely hard pressed to say anything bad about their console. Even the cross game chat that is recognized as a great feature gets down played by Sony fans and how its a pointless feature. No matter what plan/avenue Sony takes, their fans support them 1000% and if anyone criticizes them they cry foul.

Again, this is not a generalization of ht whole Sony and Xbox fandom, its just my prospective on events for the past 8 years.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   719d ago
MS isn't confirming or denying anything. Always online doesn't mean is true because MS refuses to talk.

The rumors are out of control, officially. MS can't ignore the inevitable for very long.
darthv72  +   720d ago
its like this
they either make no comment about the comments and the speculation runs wild.


they comment stating we can't comment about the comments and speculation STILL runs wild.

damned if you do damned if you dont.
redDevil87  +   720d ago
Or just say, "We would never put an always online system in our future products. We value all our customers, isolating those without an internet connection is something we will avoid."

This way they don't directly acknowledge the existence of Durango, which of course they still can't say is real.
darthv72  +   720d ago
but where's the fun in that? They arent going the flog the dolphin before the big date.

What do you think this is...something about Mary?
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Ezz2013  +   720d ago
there is no fun here
they are getting nothing but bad name every where

they need to deny this like what redDevil87 said
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rainslacker  +   719d ago
Well...in business you never say never to something that may actually be in the companies sites in the future. But I get what your saying.

Also, unless this is some masterful stroke on the part of MS, as detailed by dedicated above, I'd imagine their PR department must have their heads spinning right now. If half the negative rumors are true, there is no doubt that they know what is being said about them, and they are the ones that have to spin it to make MS look all rosy come launch day.

I personally don't find these rumors fun at all. I don't expect MS to say anything before they're ready, but the thought of some of these things that have come out really don't put me at ease. Gaming should be fun, and not based on extreme corporate mentalities to further a multi-national conglomerates agenda.
t0mmyb0y  +   719d ago
How do you have so many bubbles smh
kreate  +   720d ago
With this many hate. I really dont think MS would have a 'always online' connection.

Either way I'll still buy one for that one or two exclusive when the console price drops.

*I know evidence points to a 'always online' scenario, but im just sayin
sourav93  +   720d ago
I think MS might be playing it smart with the silence. Think about it: Everyone is hating on them right now for their possible implementation of this always-on feature on their next home console. So, when they do go and announce the next xbox, and say that they never had an always-on feature or that they "listened" to the gaming community and removed the feature, they come out of it as heroes. Their console might not have anything special, or maybe it'll be monster specs and features wise, we don't that. But when announced, people on the internet are going to be talking about whether it has any of those rumored restrictions such as always-on and used game blocking. It'll gain it a lot more publicity.

Maybe I'm thinking too much into it and maybe MS aren't really playing such dirty politics. But then again, this is a company that's been here for a long time, so they'll never want to intentionally alienate their users. I guess we'll find out around E3 time.
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brave27heart  +   720d ago

No, they wont look like heroes, people will just think that they were putting it in and only back tracked because of the anger it caused. Doesnt make them heroes in the slightest.
Pushagree  +   720d ago
Microsoft, stop acting like you don't even know this guy exists. He works for you, he knows what's in the Nextbox, he is pretty much advertising always on as a "good thing" because you told him too. You are just mad because he didn't word it in the PR way you hoped he would. You are screwing over your customers just like you did with RROD and Xbox live. You deserve to lose.
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sinjonezp  +   719d ago
Microsoft will not comment on comments or speculations. Granted this is damage control but the point is, gamers are not ready for such control. Who wants a product, that they spend hard earned dollars on, to be controlled. Its like here buy our box. Oh wait you cannot play the box you spent money on unless you have internet. Oh wait you have to buy our service. Oh wait your games will not work without both above. While I do have a 360, this is deterring me from buying their box. Maybe they were looking at that 99.99 Xbox as a way to see if people will buy into subscription based models.. I think Microsoft will offer the Xbox at a an affordable price and sell it for less; demanding an always on business model. Heck, they should have there own internet structure. Who knows..I don't like a controlled environment..Sound off.
kevnb  +   719d ago
adam is expecting a cheque from sony.
Bobby Kotex  +   719d ago
They said his views aren't reflective of the company. It pays to have an attention span longer than a flea.
Lykon  +   719d ago
When I saw middle aged men furiously demonstrating some dancing game on Kinect at one of the E3 shows, veins protruding from their temples like the fat guy with boils from the film Dune. The pressure, the late nights , the ridiculousness of it. The arrogance of thinking that's what Gamers want. Some sort of always online scam with yearly subscription is exactly the kind of thing M$ would dream up. It's not that I hate xbox gamers or even the generic hardware that M$ botch together . I hate that company. I hate the politics they stand for. Sony is also just another large company in many ways. But there us a sense that there are some employees and designers with skill and heart.
ATi_Elite  +   719d ago
Adam Orth is RIGHT
Being always connected to the Internet is NO BIG DEAL!

your Cell Phone is always connected to a Network, Your cable is always connected to a Network and both are Server Centric.

if your Internet is spotty then I would worry more about getting better Internet than a $500 gaming box

oh and QQ
Godmars290  +   720d ago
Didn't someone from MS earlier say they neither knew the guy or that he was employed at MS? Now there's an official statement saying that he is?

Yeah, E3 can't come soon enough.

MS will certainly ignore the online required and use games rumor during their main presentation.

The question is if their main presentation is casual/media support focused, will the Xbox faithful be overjoyed and distracted by third party offerings to realize little to no new 1st party support or MS ignoring the rumors post presentation?
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insomnium2  +   720d ago
LOL this thing is turning out to be rather juicy.

Everyone keeps saying "wait till E3 and MS will blow our minds" like they've done for 3 e3s straight. Will the x360 faithfull still hold their breaths for the next e3 if the nextbox indeed is always online, full of Kinect and has no core games other than the usual Halo, Geow and Forza?

Ms has gone casual. I give them this e3 to prove themselves. Why are they so silent yet again?
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Jek_Porkins  +   720d ago
The past 3 E3's were biding time until the next Xbox can come about. If 90+% of the games on the next Xbox are the same as the PS4, how are they going casual?

Sony tried to go the same route with Move, but it didn't work out as well, and you act as if MS fans should be mad that they get the huge AAA titles they bought a 360 for in the first place, I love Halo, Gears, Forza and games like that, it's the reason I bought a 360, so try and spin it however you want.

Why is Microsoft silent about rumors around a console they have yet to announce? Maybe because they haven't announced it yet! Geez, that almost makes sense right?

I didn't see Sony scrambling to rebut the rumors that the PS4 would block used games and require an always online connection last year.

Every console maker shifts focus at a certain time, all in all Microsoft has done a good job of putting out games and features that make owning a 360 worthwhile.
ziggurcat  +   719d ago
"The past 3 E3's were biding time until the next Xbox can come about."

bahahaha that's one hell of a spin there, buddy...

is that what you and greenpowerz are trying to convince everyone with now?
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Roccetarius  +   720d ago
Yeah, they didn't know him. Now it's the opposite. I wonder if there's chaos going on inside MS HQ.
adorie  +   720d ago
Ballmer running wild with a battle axe, on a horse.
redDevil87  +   720d ago | Funny
Meanwhile at Sony HQ...

Kaz: Drinks on me tonight b*tches!

Jack: Awwww Yeaahhh!

Yoshida: You the motherf*ckin man!
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darthv72  +   720d ago
he can't really be "running" if he is on a horse. but i knew what you meant and it was lol.
WeAreLegion  +   720d ago
Kaz: I know. Now, somebody let Cerny out of his containment chamber, so we can get this party started.
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Godmars290  +   720d ago
Really think Kaz and crew are just looking out an office window across at MS as the mob with pitchforks and burning torches gather around that building passing the popcorn...
yesmynameissumo  +   720d ago
Meanwhile at Sony HQ - http://i.minus.com/ipHqzgSb...
KaBaW  +   720d ago
@yesmynameissumo -
lol, that video is just too funny.
adorie  +   720d ago
Girls gone Wild aren't really found out in the jungle. Ballmer's just being Ballmer.
maxcon  +   720d ago
They shouldn't have bothered
unchartedxplorer  +   720d ago
I wonder which idiot at microsoft thought that the "always online" feature was such a good idea
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Hufandpuf  +   720d ago
The intern.
M1chl  +   720d ago
Hey if they could force a touch-interface on desktop, they can do this too. After Bill left, Microsoft biggest enemy is Microsoft itself. Bunch of stupid morons...
aviator189  +   719d ago
Maybe none of their employees did??
This is all based off of a rumor and the opinion of one employee about the idea of something like it.
ozstar  +   719d ago
The 3rd Parties.

What are you smoking that you're incapable of noticing what EA and Ubisoft are doing?
Gameland  +   720d ago
Microsoft finally woken up and comments
Braid  +   720d ago
Indeed, they commented that they have no comment.
monkey602  +   720d ago
Which may have been worse than no comment at all. Microsoft will have to play this inevitable announcement very carefully.
maniacmayhem  +   720d ago
I live in the bay area and even though my internet connection is great sometimes it does go out. I remember a lot of times I'll be playing a 360/PS3 game and i'll get an error message saying my connection or whatever has gone out. I say "oh" but I keep on playing.

If this new Xbox has this always online and especially blocking used games then it definitely will not get any support from me.

I personally think that this guy really screwed the pooch for MS. MS being silent about the nextbox before was a good thing, it meant MS wasn't worried and that they were taking their time to unveil a ton of stuff. But now because of this guy and the internet being able to catch fire with a tiny spark I think it really is in MS's best interest to announce a showing before E3.
KaBaW  +   720d ago
Yeah, I do the same. I'll be playing a game like Metro and 'bam' lost connection.
But, I just keep on playing.. hopefully that's true with the next xbox, as well.
Rather it's my fault or on MS is irrelevant, as connection has been lost.
Gamer-Z  +   720d ago
MS's strategy deny deny deny and if you can't, spin it so it doesn't sound so bad.
clintos59  +   720d ago
Why does microsoft even comment if they wont debunk the topic. If your not going to then why even bother saying they dont know this nerdy glasses stalker?

Edit: Its not like saving this rumour for e3 would be a wow factor anyways right? Just saying.
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grayfoxx881  +   720d ago
This is quickly turning into a nightmare for MS, whether it's true or not. This story is EVERYWHERE! I wouldn't be surprised if Orth is let go for this. What made him think this was a good idea to discuss on Twitter? Jesus.
nthstew  +   720d ago
(ha ha) the damage is done ...............
CEOSteveBallmer  +   720d ago
Spread the "Kazification"!!! http://i.minus.com/i59yXniS...
M-M  +   720d ago
kenshiro100  +   720d ago
Relientk77  +   719d ago
I love that the missiles are Kinects lol
XabiDaChosenOne  +   720d ago
No confirmation or denial? E3 is going to be SOOOO entertaining.
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cleft5  +   720d ago
If the new xbox is always online, than I am all out for that console. I subscribe to xbox live like everyone else, I turn on my console and go online like everyone else. But there is a huge difference between something I choose to do that has no hold on me from playing my games and something that I don't have any other choice but to do.

Guess what, my internet went down for like an hour yesterday and I pay for good internet. But there was this thing called a thunderstorm that took my internet down. I could still play my games though, with an always online xbox I couldn't. I am not going to pay Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, or anyone money to screw me out of time because of circumstances beyond my control.
andreasx  +   720d ago
the damage has already been done! as far as I'm concerned M$ has already shot themselves in their foot.
DivineAssault  +   720d ago
I think they wouldve denied it if it werent true.. Thats a rumor that can damage peoples interest in the new system..
KwietStorm  +   720d ago
lol his avatar looks like he's sitting in front of the board, all on the other side of the table. Deer in headlights.
BizDaWolf  +   720d ago
Guess that means its some-what true.
edonus  +   720d ago
Again we dont know anything.

I was looking back at some old info and I remember them saying there would be 2 nextbox console skus.

One with a disc drive and one without. I could see the one without being a system you would always want or need connected. Actually I could see that if your bill lapsed you wouldnt have access to your system but after your contract they completely unlock to you. That would mean most of rumors would be true but just not put in proper perspective. And you still have a choice.

Like I said we dont know anything. Imagine a non disc drive sku that cost $99 with a $10-$15 a month 2-3yr contract. The other being a full disc based system costing $400-$500.

We dont know the future services that will be offered. I actually have this feeling that Gamestop and Gamefly and other rental services will start making full online instant streaming networks. I have been looking at this over the last couple years in other things with Post Office being crippled. I used to be able to get new movies through Netflix with in a 3 day turn around, now its 4.

Just speculation but a $199-$99 dollar console would be quite appealing.
Cupid_Viper_3  +   720d ago
**sighs** You again. You ugh.... you tire me son.
edonus  +   720d ago
I know you heard this from your last girlfriend a lot but "Is that all you got".

You didnt even put a response to anything I said, why even comment on my post just to post a picture.

Are you just looking for virtual slaps on the @ss from the Sony lunatic brigade. I expect more from you. You are becoming a real disappointment.

The fact still remains they have not announced anything so we really dont know anything. You can disagree all you want but that doesnt change the facts.

Next time even if its a BS stupid response (which I am sure you are not short on) put up something that can atleast attempt to fake its way through as a response.

But I am happy to see I have followers.
Cupid_Viper_3  +   719d ago
"I know you heard this from your last girlfriend a lot but "Is that all you got"

I'm married now, so I wont speak of past girlfriends out of respect for them and my wife. But speaking as a young black man, I can assure you that I've got 99 problems, but penis size ain't one of them.

"But I am happy to see I have followers." huh...is that what being in every thread, spouting nonsense is called nowadays?

Like how a few days ago, you claimed that microsoft is in a better position with the 720 than Sony with the PS4? Specifically because they (MS) haven't reveal anything about the console?

Yeah, reading your drivel is tiresome...
edonus  +   719d ago
Your self conscience show through. I said nothing about penis size... I was talking about valentines day gifts.... well anyway.

What you describe would be called participating in the discussion with an unpopular point of view.

I apparently am recognized. I dont get any real arguments I dont dispel with logic so I take as a victory and a sign of dominance over the weak.

And yes I still feel MS is in the best position to win the next gen. They have a strong online service, support from all the 3rd party studios, they dominated Sony in the Biggest market in the world, they already have casual gamer recognition and appeal, the biggest exclusive franchises and tons of money to make whatever the market says it wants.

Unlike you I can be fair and say Sony has lots going for it to. A strong brand around the world, lots of 1st party studios normally they push to make sure they have the most powerful Hardware so with them you will alway be able to get the best consoles have to offer. And their online network is definitely formidable now. I see the gap in Sony that they have to establish a stronger casual market(that a whole different conversation) and do better at cultivating their gaming communities and streamlining there offerings I think there is some fat they could trim that could enhance them all around.

That was longer than I expected but always fair and balanced. PS no Fox news jokes.
Hercules189  +   718d ago
Cupid how ignorant can you be, do you actually believe blacks have bigger penises, have you actually compared them to every single guy in the whole world, that rumor was probably started by some pissed off black man that wanted something to be proud about, just like black people are better basketball players or wide receivers, or boxers yet all those sports are dominated by both whites and blacks
rainslacker  +   719d ago
I was just wondering...I see you a lot saying "we don't know anything yet". And while I agree that some modicum of civility should be considered when discussing the issue, what will you say if some of these rumors do turn out to be true?

There's really no need to be on the defensive, because, as you say, we don't know anything yet. Discuss the topic at hand. Say if you think it's bad or good. Have an opinion on the topic that is truly yours, and not from a xbox fan's perspective.

If you really think always on is a good thing, tell us why, because I've yet to see anyone be able to do so without disregarding all the actual concerns people have over it.

Edit @helionTee below

Yes, because nothing lands you a job within the rather insular gaming industry faster than outing a major trade secret of your prior employer. /s
#19.2 (Edited 719d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
edonus  +   719d ago
If the nextbox delivers performance power equal to the Ps4 but does not have any of the features the Ps4 has costs the same has drm, no used games, mandatory always connected and no other features or price breaks to make up for all of the things they are taking away then it will be a no go for me.

Everything revolves around balance, if you take you have to give and if you give you have to take. Other wise those you take from will run out and/or rebel or you will eventually not have anything to give because you didnt take in what you needed to produce.

DRM and used games is not the end of the world especially if they can open up the market making studios more sustainable and games cheaper.

I could see always online as a good thing if your console became your media share hub no matter where you are. People forget MS is one of the leading companies in server software. Access to your games and movies from a tablet or laptop. All the automatic updates saves by logging in to the console. Like I said there has to be more to it than just "now you have to have an internet connection to use this machine". It lacks balance.

Or they are going for a way different type of crowd then even that wouldnt make sense. Like I said we know too little too be making such crazy speculations.
Hicken  +   719d ago
I don't want you to be honored by this- though it IS quite an achievement, no pun intended- but you may well be the WORST Xbox fanboy on this site.

You will, without hesitation, spin ANYTHING that's bad, worrisome, or otherwise not good into a positive.

There is NO GOOD that comes from an always online console. END OF STORY.... well, I suppose it'd be able to update your games constantly, but the hidden danger is that there'd be nothing stopping developers- it hardly stops them now, honestly- from releasing a broken-ass game and then fixing it at their leisure.

Not only would your gameplay be at the mercy of your internet connection- assuming you have one, in the first place- but anything that happens to the servers would impact even your single-player experience.

And Microsoft already bans accounts regularly- usually right before the next Halo drops- so what's to stop them from coming up with random reasons for killing your connection to their servers and saying you owe them something? What prevents them from shutting down your ability to play because you got reported after kicking somebody's ass in Gears?

No, this is bad, from virtually every perspective.

I wish there was a way to take bubbles away for obliviously ignorant comments.
helionTee  +   720d ago
Orth is a Ps spy who saw an opportunity in a job posting and ride it to to the sunset. It not all hellokittys and sharebuttons in the land of the rising sun.
chukamachine  +   720d ago
That fat dude said he lives in rural area, wtf.

Does he even go out, has he ever seen the sun.
Clarence  +   720d ago
I like that Aron Greenberg said he doesn't know who this guy is. Somebody is lying.
jakmckratos  +   720d ago
Adam Orth better watch it..nobody even nows who he is yet and it's gonna stay that way if he doesn't keep his dumb unfunny tweets to himself
badkolo  +   720d ago
its genius, the more silent they are the more people will pay attention to the reveal
ger2396  +   720d ago
Despite all this, casuals will still buy it. Which is Microsoft's main demographic anyway.
breakpad  +   720d ago
That's why MS gonna fail does nt get the whole image of internet availability ....America is NOT the whole world and the only market ...there is Asia ,Africa ,countries in Europe that dont have internet at all ...how they gonna play??? Sony as an Asian company is aware of that ...that why PS 2 or PS3 still sells ....If MS put her console always online it will be a winner......only in AMerica ...everywhere else PS4 will dominate
JonnyBigBoss  +   720d ago
Microsoft is a piece of trash.
aviator189  +   719d ago
Right...because of some rumors and one of their numerous employees blurted out his opinion and because ms won't announce their xbox early just to confirm or deny a rumor??
e-p-ayeaH  +   720d ago
Hoping that M$ makes the right decision = not always online
ozstar  +   719d ago
MS have no first-party content, what makes you think 3rd Parties won't dictate policy?
wiz7191  +   719d ago
In my opinion I think Microsoft wont deny or confirm these rumors is because they are waiting for their official reveal. They set their date to reveal and wont make a official statement before then. Why speculate on something you know nothing about, that's like judging somebody you don't even know. I don't think they would purposely kill their own console with that "always online" mess. I'm just waiting to see what happens during their reveal and then Ill make my decision. Either way Ill end up with both
pissed999  +   719d ago
He should be fired.
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