Deal with it: Microsoft employee tweets aren’t hurting the next Xbox, silence is

Sony’s PlayStation 4 messaging has been blessedly simple, compelling, and on point. The system will be easy on developers due to its PC-like architecture, the company is breaking down barriers to allow smaller developers to release their games on the PS3, PS4, and Vita, and patches and game updates will be easy to apply and download in the background.

The PlayStation 4 seems to be a system that’s built for the future, and its design will make things easier on both gamers and developers. It’s no wonder the system has been gaining traction in the court of public opinion.

Microsoft, on the other hand, has been silent. The rumors are swirling that the system will require an always-on Internet connection, and Microsoft creative director Adam Orth’s recent tweets in support of an always-on console didn’t do the company any favors. His account is now protected, but damn near every blog and news outlet have already repeated his statements about people needing to “deal with” systems that are always online.

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clintos591843d ago

My thing is if this is true will microsoft be able to stop it like if the system was built for the purpose of being connected all the time? Or they just trying to see how the consumer & media react to it & debunk it whenever they decide to do so?

Godmars2901843d ago

This is the same mentality which caused them to integrate IE into Windows: make it required and embed its necessity upon the consumer. Make it the first browser most people use even though its one of the lowest rated.

Or in the case of Xbox3, make online required, get people to get gold XBL subscriptions.

Its also what they're doing with Kinect. Integrate it so that it doesn't matter whether it actually works or functions with all games. That they further plan to use it for advertising, to monitor customers so they can make money from ads, is just another thing to MS's benefit at the likely expense of Xbox owners.

darthv721843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

in this day and age we have seen how easy it is for someone, anyone, to pass themselves off as someone else on the internet.

These rumors are just that...rumors. They are being given weight because people are not thinking clearly but interpreting them as if they are in fact true.

the key words to think about here: "Microsoft, on the other hand, has been silent." so wouldnt it be more logical to wait for the official word from the executives of the company than to believe rumors that were started to 'possibly' gauge public awareness? Or flat out see how far they can fool the public into believing them.

It's almost as if people forgot how the internet works and really believe "you can't put anything on the internet that isn't true" just like that insurance commercial.

Why o why1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

Why didnt greenberg just kill the rumour he woke up to address? You dont know the guy right......................... .. ....yeah...ok but what about what he said....any words on that greenberg.

Godmars2901843d ago

That's the argument.

And I'm sure its been pointed out many a time how MS instantly shut down the rumor of Halo 3 going to PC.

Also, your comment does not address mine.

I was on about what and why MS have done what they've done in the past and how it relates currently. Didn't even say anything about rumors.

g2gshow1842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

if you're government said we are going to put a video camera in your home an make you pay for it what would you say?

where's?? the petition they did it to epic, valve even for a simple game dmc but when it's something of real important's. gamer's just cry an do nothing makes me sick how dumb an stupid gamers are fight about a game mascot b.s. you think M.S cares about how you feel or respects you as a person they wouldn't even want to be in a room with any of you they see you as fool's dumby cash cow's
another thing to all you stoner's people with gun's an women who like to walk around you'r home naked , mom's an dad's with kids do you really want someone watching what you do. when you are playing you'r game or listing to you'r every word you say. i didn't know video games had to be apart of my real life an family didn't know gaming was so important an trust me when i tell you you're box will get hacked an people will be watching you including the law fu%&# fools ill just turn it off or point it at the wall real smart but something your afraid to have in you'r home

Godmars2901842d ago

The camera is like a landmine: its only going to be noticed when its stepped on.

If and when someone hacks the camera, and that then gains enough public notice, only then will it become the concern it should be.

And even then MS will be there with spin and damage control.

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AngelicIceDiamond1843d ago

I was starting to think the same thing. MS's Getting the community all riled up, and then they might announce the console out of no where. A console announce could be underway.

Again, I think MS is just trying to blindside people right now for whatever reason.

T21843d ago

Id have to say at this point that seems like a bad idea. The sooner they get real, positive info out the better for them... But I could definitely see them charging 199 for the console with a required 2-3 yr xbl gold subscription... People fall for simple tricks. Look at cellphone contracts.

MariaHelFutura1843d ago

What's all this fuss about? Sorry, my internet was down. :}

adorie1843d ago

Seriously, MariaHelFutura, My net was down for 10 mins and I had an angry body here ranting about how he can't keep track of his stocks. :T

Verizon FIOS, 25 down/5 up.

Ezz20131842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

ohhhh, i see what you did there.
you smart devil ;)

Heavenly King1843d ago

I really think this is the case, because M$ cant be that stupid.

Yi-Long1843d ago

... haven't you seen them releasing Windows 8, a tablet/phone OS on laptops/desktops!?

What about the last 3-4 years, where their focus for the 360 has been on dashboard apps and Kinect-games!?

MS is being run by idiots nowadays. Sadly, cause I loved the original Xbox and I loved my 360 the first bunch of years of it's existence. It's disappointing to see the decisions they've been making.

1842d ago
Nilemonitors131842d ago

All I know is that if this is true, and people still buy the new xbox, it'll prove that people will let anything or anyone stomp all over them, let us Ps fans enjoy our console, and let xbox people "enjoy theirs" there's only so much we can do to warn them to avoid M$ dirty business practises, in time they will realise their mistake, stubbornness cannot be cured. Let's only care for our future as gamers and support our company.

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Sandmano1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

Well if It will stop the pirates then I understand why they are doing this. Although this will cause many other problems, possibly outweighing the problems their solving by doing this...

Cirran1843d ago

This wont stop pirates. This will just make them more eager to pirate the console and make it so you can play offline. Just like with Sim City.

kostchtchie_1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

pirates? ha ha this or any other DRM is not to stop pirates, you think games cant be cracked? steam games get cracked, d3 is playable offline, you can play Sim city offline

DRM does nothing but hurt legit players, while pirates play the FULL VERSIONS of the game, rather than the crap developers spew out to legit gamers with pre order bonuses across multiple versions, DLC, and all the other crap they push

but so long as there are people like you out there that think DRM is good, they will always get away with DRM

Sandmano1843d ago

I didn't say I agree with DRM I'm totally against it but like I said If their trying to make it harder for pirates I understand.

guitar_nerd_231842d ago


I gave you a bubble. Spot on, totaly agree.

ziratul1842d ago

They will never stop pirates, that is not possible.

Sony3601842d ago

Stopping pirates should never be at the cost of paying consumers.

Unlimax1842d ago

This won't stop the pirates , It will stop you from even playing YOUR OWN GAMES !

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solidworm1843d ago Show
GribbleGrunger1843d ago

MS have responded:

"We are aware of the comments made by an employee on Twitter. This person is not a spokesperson for Microsoft, and his personal views are not reflective of those of the company. We have not made any announcements about our product roadmap, and have no further comment on this matter."

No denial of the always online policy ... It could be happening folks.

Jek_Porkins1843d ago

If they denied it, it would be an announcement for the next Xbox, Microsoft doesn't want to announce it yet. Do people not understand that they haven't actually admitted to their being a new Xbox on the way?

I know the hardcore, forum going gamer's all know about it, but the regular Joe Blow gamer's probably don't have a clue. I am sure Microsoft wants the Xbox 360 to sell as well as possible until they are ready to unveil the Xbox 720.

The fact that they came out and said some guy doesn't speak for them tells me that they are probably ticked off a bit at the rumors, but getting forced into announcing a console due to negative rumors probably isn't what MS wants and I don't blame them.

despair1843d ago

lmao you beat me to it.

monkey6021843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

I can tell you from working in retail that these 'regular joe blow' gamers are talking about the ps4 and next Xbox. They are also keyed in on all the latest rumours. I reserve judgment personally until an announcement as should everybody else but if there is truth to these rumours the Durango is dead before its born. As impatient as I am I wish Microsoft would give us something already, there is a market for next gen as people seem eager, and Sony are getting a strong foothold with being first in line.

Edit: This was in reply to jek porkins. While I agree with the rest of your post, I think you underestimate the common market and the interest in the next gen jump

brave27heart1842d ago

A simple "We're not considering always on internet connection for any upcoming hardware" kills the rumour without confirming the next xbox exists.

lastofgen1842d ago

I've given up trying to convince reason with internet folks.

Apparently, rumors = truth, opinion = truth, apology without confirmation = makes it worse.

People just don't respond to reason anymore.

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despair1843d ago

They haven't even said they had a new console coming, everyone knows its coming but how can they say the console they haven't revealed isn't online only, especially in a response to asinine comments by a low tiered employee.

Ezz20131842d ago

like what brave27heart said
" "We're not considering always on internet connection for any upcoming hardware""

nothing wrong in saying that

Arai1843d ago

They could easily change it with a firmware...IF they want to.
Whatever the case people will still buy the console.
If RROD several times didn't stop them then I don't think something like this will.

We'll see in some years how good/bad this strategy has/will be for them.

clintos591843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

Well thats why microsoft is no push over. Money talks & even though I dont like seeing them have their way with consumers but we cant stop them just like u said even with rrod & subscription fees to play online people will still buy it.

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