Microsoft's Always-Online Debacle Is Playing into the PS4's Hands

Push Square: "No publicity is bad publicity, or so the old adage goes – but Microsoft executives must find themselves staring into a window of brutal GIFs wondering what to do next. The press surrounding the company’s next generation platform has not been rosy for some time, but things escalated overnight when Adam Orth, the creative director on an as of yet unannounced Xbox title, mistakenly opted to use the public forum of Twitter to channel his opinion about the latest round of rumours regarding his employer’s impending console revision."

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DigitalRaptor1841d ago

I'd say that's true at this moment in time.

Jayjayff1841d ago

I was thinking this would be more fitting.

darthv721841d ago

you all just got "Adam-Orthed"

GalacticEmpire1841d ago

@ darth

Third time I've seen you post that same stupid joke in like an hour, stop trying to force it, it's just not funny.

darthv721840d ago


But since you pointed it out, it is now living rent free in your cerebral cortex.

Feel free to pass it on if you wish. i wont take credit for it.

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kreate1841d ago

Yea but ps4 should be in the market now to really help.

Or its just talks on the internet.

Cocozero1841d ago

How? By taking all the attention away from the PS4?

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Rusty5151841d ago

Oh yes. Because having an "always on" console is a good thing right? Seriously, even though there's more Xbox articles for the time being, it doesn't mean it's in their favor. Xbox publicity is good, but not this kind of publicity. This makes them infamous. So by your way of thinking, being in the headlines is good no matter what right? Until we get something good comfirmed by Microsoft, the Xbox 720 is the lindsay lohan of video games.

Gameland1841d ago

Always Online news AGAIN!

Reverent1841d ago

It's really starting to worry me. I mean, I wasn't necessarily planning on getting the next Xbox myself, but even as a pro Sony guy, I want everyone, even the competition, to have the best possible experience when it comes to gaming. Gamers deserve that much.

unchartedxplorer1841d ago

Until microsoft denies or confirms this people are just going to get less and less hyped about the next xbox.

darthv721841d ago

more and more vocal/interested in what is really going on.

you can't buy this kind of publicity.

ps3_pwns1841d ago

you dont want this kind of publicity. i just told my friends the next xbox rumor and leaks and they said they are not going to get it now. even if mS says that it was not true the damage is already done. MS had plenty of time to say something but its to late now people will just forever think that the x720 will always need online. now everyone getting excited for the ps4 and in console discussions some guy would be like what about the new xbox and my friends would say eww u have to be always onliine to play that and its gonna suck compared to the ps4 and we praise the ps4 the whole time from then on lol. i like the way you tried to spin it though

Jaqen_Hghar1841d ago

this TERRIBLE publicity. Their whole conference is going to be denying rumors lol

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The story is too old to be commented.