New Features Come To Dead Island Riptide

GamerFitNation: Antwand “BlackBible” Pearman met up with Sebastion Reichert, Creator and Producer of hit game, Dead Island Riptide. In this interview they talk about what Reichert calls a sort of “spin-off to Dead Island Riptide.” Reichert also mentions some of the features from Dead Island Riptide which includes new gameplay changes and the key changes they’ve made on this title when compared to Dead Island.

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fredolopez1872d ago

Riptide looks like it's gonna be great!

sovietsoldier1871d ago

hope they fixed the sound bug that was in the first game.

SeanScythe1864d ago

Hoped they fixed the:
Joining coop
Finding Friends
Loading into the game
Zombies running through walls