How Microsoft's ignorance and Nintendo's console put Sony in first place for next-gen success's Kyle Prahl writes:

"The sales woes and seemingly outdated tech of Wii U, alongside damning evidence of "always online" for the next-gen Xbox, looks laughable next to marketing that has cast PS4 in a favorable light with many gamers. Developers are swearing allegiance. Indie titles are coming in droves. We have jaw-dropping evidence of PS4's graphical beauty and a heaping ton of information on everything from system specs and offline play to social features and streaming. On top of everything, PlayStation Vita looks ready to find its niche as an essential companion device for the hardcore PS4 gamer. All this, before year's end. No wonder Xbots are jumping ship."

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Majin-vegeta1846d ago

Well time to sit back and watch the comments unfold.*Tosses popcorn in mouth*

TrevorPhillips1846d ago

I seriously can't wait for the PS4! It'll be like playing the PS2 all over again :D

Theyellowflash301846d ago

The PS2 had a stellar lineup of Japanese RPGs. The PS4 is going to have a majority of Western based shooting games.

Even Sony's Japanese studio is making a Western Style game. The PS2 was balanced with it's game collection. The PS3 will be dominated by Western devs.

HyperBear1846d ago

I know it's probably a long-shot, but I think it's time to bring Kevin Butler back for at least half of the marketing campaign for the PlayStation 4!!!