How Microsoft's ignorance and Nintendo's console put Sony in first place for next-gen success's Kyle Prahl writes:

"The sales woes and seemingly outdated tech of Wii U, alongside damning evidence of "always online" for the next-gen Xbox, looks laughable next to marketing that has cast PS4 in a favorable light with many gamers. Developers are swearing allegiance. Indie titles are coming in droves. We have jaw-dropping evidence of PS4's graphical beauty and a heaping ton of information on everything from system specs and offline play to social features and streaming. On top of everything, PlayStation Vita looks ready to find its niche as an essential companion device for the hardcore PS4 gamer. All this, before year's end. No wonder Xbots are jumping ship."

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1747d ago

Yea because MS isn't going to come out and say rumors are not true. All this bad stuff the least they could do is say its not true and relieve everyone. Guess the rumors are slowly coming true. MS needs to come out and say something at least tell us a reveal date!

b_one1747d ago

this may happen, and we will know the truth after about 20 years from some retired developer who will tell that it was planned but outrage caused change of plans for MS

gamefiles1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

lol. and the authour comes out as a caca brain.

the N64 without H.D. nor 720p no 60fps, still a better machine with better games that have HIGHER re-play value than the ps3 and xbox 360 < fact

and now the ps4 is gonna do what to wiiU? lol

GameNameFame1747d ago

you are comparing PS4 vs Wii U?

For realsies? PS3, Xbox 360 > Wii U.

Ofc PS4 is gonna be far better than Wii U

indysurfn1747d ago

If these rumors are true don't call me a xbot, instead call me a EX-bot! Because I will be a ex Microsoft gamer. And only a Sony gamer.

MysticStrummer1747d ago

@gamefiles - "the N64 without H.D. nor 720p no 60fps, still a better machine with better games that have HIGHER re-play value than the ps3 and xbox 360 < fact"

I like how you phrased that, because what you said is indeed less than fact.

sengoku1747d ago

nice little read.
all be it a little optimistic towards PS.

in the words of Sir Francis.
sony already won the nextgen just by showing up and not being A*holes..

you just cant make this stuff up. LOL

Army_of_Darkness1746d ago

N64 couldn't even compete with the PS1, let alone the PS3?! LOL!

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BrianC62341747d ago

I guess that's what this Orth clown is doing. Sounds like he's saying it is true. Not a good way to do it though. Insulting people in areas with bad Internet access.

gamefiles1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

for 1, PS1 graphics look shit < fact

2nd, ps1 load times are SHIT < fact

3rd, ps1 games do not come close to being better than 64 games < fact

4thly, how would these games look like on the ps1?

(Perfect Dark) (Turok)
(WaeRace) (Conkers Bad Fur Day) (007) (Ocarina Of Time) (Rogue Squadron) (Donkey Kong 64) (Smash Bros) ( Mario 64) (Episode 1 Racer)

(Pokemon Snap) and on and on and on and onn.. . (Excite Bike 64) (Banjo Kazooie's) (Pokemon Stadium) (Beetle Adventure racing) lol (Mario Kart 64) ( Jet Force Gemini) lol ( Killer Instinct) ( Majoras Mask) . . and on and on and onnn ? lol ps1 = metal gear solid, final fantasy
7 = great but no. .

fact is N64 wins .

lol ps3 360 = not better than n64 < fact

and on (Seeds of Evil) and on (Yoshis Story) (Star Fox 64) and onn .. .

not to mention how the N64 introduced the rumble feature to gaming < fact then further obliterates the ps1 with the Expansion pack . lol ps1

N64 has better game CHANGING games with HIGHER RE-PLAY Value than ps3 and 360 < fact (:

This is why Nintendo dominates and always will.

Now what will Nintendos franchises look like with wiiU power? . . lol ps4 = split screen STILL

ThatsGaming1747d ago

MS is consistent. they never confirm nor deny rumors. when they reveal the next xbox we will know what it does. all the rumors and talk by peons is just that... Rumors and talk.

PS: We have already heard the Watch Dogs, Assassins Creed, and Destiny our always on games... Why would a console always on be an issue then?

violents1747d ago

Because some people still live in areas that dont have the most reliable internet, or what if you cant get broadband at all, some people near where I live cant even get cable because they live too far out in the boonies.

How would you feel if you came home unwrapped you new game console, ready to have some quality gamimg time and it wouldnt let you play a single player game because you dont have an internet connetion?

If thats not alienating the consumer, than i dont know what is.

Then on top of it look at the games like diablo and sim city that came with the always on DRM, how many problems did that cause, Amazon stopped selling Sim city entirely because there were so many complaints.

ThatsGaming1747d ago


So, is MS really going to do always on? No one knows...

violents1747d ago


Im not saying they will because you are right noone know for sure yet. I was pointing out why it is a bad idea.

Shnazzyone1747d ago

Let's just pretend that sony didn't imply an always on infrastructure next gen too.

xursz1747d ago

They came right out and said you can play without Connecting to the internet. I think it was stated by Jack Tretton in a press meeting.

Knight_Crawler1747d ago

Sony said it was up to the what do you think R*, Bethesda, EA, Activision, UBISOFT, SQUARE ENIX, KONAMI, CAPCOM and other developers will choose - games will cost more money next gen due to more RAM and developers will want maximum profit so screw pirates.

Blaze9291746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

if they speak on a rumor than Microsoft would have essentially confirmed and announced their next xbox right then and there. Of course, that's not what they want to do and are waiting to do it at one time, one place.

I think everyone needs to calm down and treat these rumors as RUMORS.

"No wonder Xbots are jumping ship."

I was going to ignore the website this was coming from but see, now I can't even take this article serious.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1746d ago

You have to love how all the bad rumors for the Durango are all true by the fanboys. It can't be wrong. And they run with it, post about it, blog, console wars are already won by Sony.... THAT'S INSANE!

Yet good rumors for Durango, are right away false, and could never happen, and MS wouldn't do that.

It's classic. :) Classic N4G, and SDF.

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Majin-vegeta1747d ago

Well time to sit back and watch the comments unfold.*Tosses popcorn in mouth*

TrevorPhillips1747d ago

I seriously can't wait for the PS4! It'll be like playing the PS2 all over again :D

Theyellowflash301747d ago

The PS2 had a stellar lineup of Japanese RPGs. The PS4 is going to have a majority of Western based shooting games.

Even Sony's Japanese studio is making a Western Style game. The PS2 was balanced with it's game collection. The PS3 will be dominated by Western devs.

HyperBear1747d ago

I know it's probably a long-shot, but I think it's time to bring Kevin Butler back for at least half of the marketing campaign for the PlayStation 4!!!