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Dark Souls 2: New Release Details for PC Surface

GR - "The updated site offers a new tagline, a different background, and a pre-order link to GameStop or EB Games depending on your location, for players can place their order for the title ahead of the game's release later this year." (Dark Souls 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

darren_poolies  +   535d ago
This is my most anticipated game of the year, Dark Souls is my favourite game of all time. Cannot wait!!
Tr10wn  +   535d ago
sengoku  +   535d ago
Dark Souls is the best game of last year and i cant wait for the next one.
the whole theme, style of play,
it's just crazy cool,
hope the next installment will make it to PS4..
Blastoise  +   535d ago
Ain't no "Meh" about it my friend! Dark souls was awesome.

Praise the sun!
Donnieboi  +   534d ago
U clicked on the comment section just to say meh about a game u don't even like? Why?
Tr10wn  +   534d ago
Meh is my impression to over hyped games i do it for every game even games i love, idk is something my group of friends find funny, when someone start praising a game for what it is i just said meh, nothing personal most of my friends loved dark souls too, btw dark souls is from 2011 not from last year lol.
1080p 60fps!! only version that will have it!
Even on ps4 the first few games are 30fps for some reason.
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Mister_G  +   535d ago
Agreed! Playing it now in fact. Four Kings using bow only is very very hard :-S
TopDudeMan  +   534d ago
You know what for it mean to be a true super sand legend!
Tultras  +   535d ago
Dark souls is definitely one of the best games this generation.
OcelotRigz  +   534d ago
Completely agree and it felt like a breath of fresh air in a seemingly "been there, done that" generation.

The amount of hours i put into that game is ridiculous and even now and then i think about going back for a game but dont because if i do then its sayanora to my huge backlog for a good while.

Although i am somewhat concerned about this one, Miyazaki leaving and the talk of accessibility. Really hope they dont take away this games uniqueness and make it like every other game out there.
Game4life  +   535d ago
I thought from software said it probably wouldnt make the 2013 calander? Well whatevs

Color me excited
TopDudeMan  +   535d ago
I think the exact quote was that they were "unsure if it would release in 2013". So it could be either way. I think the article may be presumptuous, there. For instance, there is no mention of 2013 on the official site.
Jaunty  +   535d ago
Instant buy for PC.. Especially if GFWL is not integrated
Sharius  +   535d ago
it will be GFWL if they release this game on 360

i guess, one of many microsoft rules
JsonHenry  +   535d ago
That can't be a true. Many games are released for all platforms that do not integrate GFWL on the PC version.
shadowraiden  +   534d ago
so that must include the other 200+ games that have been released on both platforms yet wait they dont include GFWL on pc.

it had nothing to do with microsoft just that fromsoftware could easily port the 360's network code to pc using GFWL which they stated was the reason on many occasions.

now its being developed at the same time as consoles and the fact its going back to demon souls network code will mean its most likely going to be a steamworks game which im fine with.
SirBradders  +   535d ago
I cannot wait put a good expensive pair of headphones on when you play this and you'll be submersed even more in the great atmosphere of this game.
Lone_Man  +   535d ago
the game was shit
RedSoakedSponge  +   534d ago
correction. you were shit.
Lone_Man  +   534d ago
hahaha....dont be judgmental man...do u hav a GF??
RedSoakedSponge  +   534d ago
well iv noticed a theme. people who say its a shit game are normally the people who are terrible at the game.

and wtf has having a gf got to do with dark souls?!

and why cant i be judgemental to your judgemental comment?
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Lone_Man  +   534d ago
hahaha....spot on. i was shit in this game...hell i am not gud at any multiplayer except fifa. just wanna know that you have GF...and be honest
RedSoakedSponge  +   534d ago
what is the gf connection though? please enlighten me.
DragonKnight  +   534d ago
@RedSoakedSponge: I believe the connection is if you don't have a girlfriend, then that explains why you like the game and/or don't have a life.
Hassassin  +   534d ago
Well I have a lovely GF, love this game, AND my GF recently wanted to try out DarkSouls to see what was all this I talked about. She said there's no way it's That hard.
I'm studying engineering, go out with my friends regularly... etc etc (do u want to know more about my personal life???)

Lone man, you must be lonely and bitter.
(and somewhat dumb for not being able to play this game)

TL,DR: YES, "you were shit"

EDIT: guess i didn't read the sign: do not feed the troll... whatever.
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Twinzclipz  +   534d ago
Too Much CoD and BF uh?
potatowarrior  +   534d ago
how was it ''shit'' i dint like it at first at all but turned out to be the best game iv'eever played pure awesomeness, cant wait for 2
Saleem101  +   534d ago
Demon souls/Dark souls is best dungeon crawler game ever...
pissed999  +   534d ago
Dark souls is the only good console game worth playing. Glad they released it on the pc so proper hardcore players could enjoy it.
AKS  +   534d ago
I picked up Dark Souls on PC for $15 from a sale. I started a Faith character. Holy s***, Divine weapons hit so much harder than when I last played! One or two jabs from my Divine Claymore or Halberd obliterates skeletons.

I'm hoping they keep the challenge high in Dark Souls 2. Dark Souls was a very worthy successor to Demon's Souls, and I hope they stay on track with Dark Souls 2. The comments about making it more straightforward in DS2 has left me feeling a bit nervous. The "Souls" games are probably my favorite series right now.
Linsolv  +   531d ago
If they make it less vague (clarifying the purposes of stats, especially) I don't mind that sort of straightforwardness. I knew how levelling worked in DS when I started playing because I'd seen other people playing and understood the ideas behind it. But most people didn't sit there salivating over the game for 6 months without a PS3, they just kinda jumped in.

And a lot of parts of the game are designed in a way that I don't think is intentionally cruel (placing the Catacombs right by the start of the game? Intentionally cruel. I take it as testing you), but is instead just not taking players into consideration. Which I don't MIND that much, but I don't have any attachment to it either.

Whatever we see as details emerge, though, I'm going to wait to play it. Might look great but lose all the feel, or it might look like it loses everything that makes the game important, and turn out to be as good as DmC was.
Welcome2Die  +   534d ago
I cant wait to platinum this one too!
Run_bare  +   534d ago
Same here, i spend nearly 500hrs on Dark Soul and close to 300hrs on Demon Soul.
Mr-SellJack  +   534d ago
This MGS4 and LBP are definately the best games of this generation.Main reason would be they can be hard and easy,are rewarding,offer loads of content,and the main reason which would be that u would never feel tired of playing them even the levels!the darkroot gardens farm has kept me doing it for countless times without it i would have finished the game much much longer
bluetoto  +   533d ago
Looking forward to the new options.

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