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RePlayed: Dragon Age: Origins

GodisaGeek: "Role-playing gamers over a certain age (and those under a certain age but with a taste beyond their years), will remember a PC classic called Baldur’s Gate, first released in 1998. An isometric party-based RPG set in the Forgotten Realms universe, Baldur’s Gate is seen by many as a seminal work, maybe even genre-defining. The isometric viewpoint combined with the ability to assign actions to your party via the pause menu (or tweak their A.I. behaviour to relieve you of the responsibility) made for an incredibly tactical loot-athon that has rarely been bettered in the years since its release." (Dragon Age: Origins, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

wishingW3L  +   847d ago
I bought this game for 3 bucks, played it for 10 minutes and got bored. =/
GodisaGeek  +   847d ago
Did you try Dragon Age 2, at all?
MJF  +   847d ago
Dragon Age 2 is definitely an antidote for people who got bored of Origins.
GodisaGeek  +   846d ago
Indeed, a lot of people loved DA2, but didn't like the first 2.
Nocturne147  +   842d ago
Say what you want, but Dragon Age Origins is my nr1 favorite all time rpg game. And believe me, i play alot games.

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