The Future of Call of Duty

FrontBurnr: If Activision — and developers Infinity Ward and Treyarch — plan on continuing the Call of Duty series for the foreseeable future, they should keep some things in mind:

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agentxk1842d ago

Honestly, I can go either way on these annual FPS games. Yeah, they are a bit played out but if I can spend a few months having some fun with friends, I guess they can keep doing it.

I think it helps the fresh content stand out better.

NastyLeftHook01842d ago

give incentive to buy the game, if you want that twitchy style fast paced shooter atleast give 50 maps with the next gen games/better guns/lighting/sounds/features ect. and cut all that bogus dlc stuff out. but its activision so...

Sandmano1841d ago

Remove aim assist and I'll buy your games... ;)


you can switch it off in blops2, it's the horrible lagcomp/anti-lag code that has killed this game more then anything else..

you can't take a competitive game serious when it's so inconsistent.

it's the biggest issue i have with this game.

Sandmano1841d ago

Yes but convince everyone else to put it off.

VoiceMale1841d ago

yup keep that feature in single player only quick sniping is just not a balance mechanic of a competitive shooter

Crazyglues1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

@ Sandmano

"Remove aim assist" - are you kidding...

I mean half the people that play this don't want to aim for real... -all the crying that people do when they get killed, and you want to take away aim assist..

Oh my god, the crying would become ridiculous.. LoL (you mean no quick scoping use actual skills)..LMAO

-But all jokes aside this kid just did an un-boxing of Modern Warfare 4 that made me laugh-

-because we all know playing on SD is the way to go... LMAO...

||.........___||............ ||

EazyC1841d ago

Is that PS4 thing at the end of your posts automatic or something?

Crazyglues1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

@ EazyC

What??? Why you no like my PS4?

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M-M1841d ago

Their future doesn't look very bright unless they upgrade their net code and game engine.

1841d ago
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