Pokémon Facebook Page Hints about X and Y News Soon

The Pokémon Facebook page has had some exciting news posted on it!

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kirbyu1878d ago

Wasn't this already known?

Anthotis1878d ago

Another 150 regurgitations, that look more like Transformers than Pokemon?

Brucis1878d ago

Right, because Muk and Magnemite were such original designs. Every Gen has stupid looking Pokemon.

ps3_pwns1878d ago

muk and magnemite look cool. genesect looks like a medabot or iron man 3. in x/y the 3 starters, the 2 legends and the new evee form looks like pokemon to me though so dont know why the dude said another 150 regugitations lol. x/y looks like a return to form unlike a few of the black and white pokemon.