OUYA is Already Dead on Arrival

The early reviews of OUYA are out and they are not good. I never had any high hopes for OUYA and there are some obvious reasons for that. Hardware business is not something that you can start on some crowd funding website and even if you have started, you should take lesson from Sony and Microsoft, OUYA guys have no idea how punishing this business can be and even if money is not everything, OUYA does some horrible mistakes in the design department.

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DaThreats1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

lol, I saw some other reviews praise it.

It takes time for games to show up with about all console releases. Also, their official launch hasn't happened yet, it's in June. You have to wait before you make a statement like that.

MasterChief36241874d ago

I'm fairly certain this is not supposed to be treated like another "console" launch. It's a console, yes, but it, from what I understand, only plays cheapo $1 games like Angry Birds. So it already has quite the library. But the library sucks.

Mottsy1874d ago

Ya they should of integrated the controller to play all of Androids games instead of making their own app store. I know the article talks about that and out of everything that is what I agree with 100%.

Play Store has some quality titles coming out for it and just having that at your disposal would have been a huge sales factor, but like someone mentioned before you have to start somewhere and who knows what third party hardware or developers will bring to this system.

Bigpappy1874d ago

I don't see why anyone who already have a smart phone will want one of these. But I am not going to predict its failure. Just wouldn't be surprised.

R6ex1874d ago

Tegra 4 needs to be in OUYA.

harv0521874d ago

Why do people still use "should of"....Should've is from should have. I know this and i'm french for crying out loud!!!

pixelsword1874d ago

We will make the console, but we will not make games for the console...


g2gshow1873d ago

people will buy this as a alternative for young kids as a starter console. away from all the angry gamer's would be safer but kids should be out side. playing with parents an enjoying life not siting in front a screen

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LOL_WUT1874d ago

Another one bites the dust ;)

lsujester1874d ago

This review does seem particularly harsh, like someone who was dead set against this machine upon first hearing about it. However, I also don't trust IGN when it comes to previews. I've seen way too many times they love a game... right up until it's release date.

Lucreto1874d ago

From another site

Julie Uhrman used to work at IGN, specifically at their Direct 2 Drive digital game download service, and the very first person to invest in the company was the president of IGN, who is now chairman of the board. So expect a lot of OUYA coverage on IGN in the coming days, and IGN was the first site to break news about the OUYA.

pixelsword1874d ago

Explains why they also went ape-scat over it. I also expect them to give a lot of good rewiews for indie games and possibly a section on the site.

GraveLord1874d ago

Many people already have the Ouya though and it is incomplete.

Blacktric1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

"You have to wait before you make a statement like that."

Buyer's remorse at its best...

Gh05t1874d ago

"You have to wait before you make a statement like that."

Yes you have to wait to form an opinion for yourself. How dare the author have an opinion after actually using the product.

Its an opinion and I am pretty sure that just because you disagree with the opinion doesn't mean he doesn't have a right to make one... especially since he actually used the product, regardless of "official release."

maximaz1874d ago

He missed the point of this console - emulators.

Persistantthug1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

I'st probably locked out of brick retail, but I'm Just curious if anyone's seen or heard anything.

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clarkdef1874d ago

Oh well it might be my next console if MS and Sony both decide on the "always online" move. Just out of principle.

Parapraxis1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

They already said PS4 wouldn't need to always be connected.

delboy1874d ago

Like it was this gen with DLC and Online passes.
In the end it will be left to the publisher to decide.

BoNeSaW231874d ago

If your console is not online why would you need to redeem a online pass?

Knight_Crawler1873d ago

They said it was up to the developers.

Dlacy13g1874d ago

why would you reward them for putting forward a poor product? Ouya appears to be far from the dream promised and much closer to the nightmare some envisioned.

Lets not forget, this console is a "connected" device as well so if you are trying to take a stance against that kind of ideology...I think you money is best left in your pocket.

Snookies121874d ago

Huh? It's not always connected... You can connect to the internet with it, but I don't believe it's required...

logan_izer101874d ago

I wouldn't say it's poor. It's $99. I'd say it's cheap

Dlacy13g1874d ago

@snookies12... its connected as in any game on that system is downloaded...any app you run will be connected to internet... honestly if you are trying to use this device offline I would say you aren't exactly using it as intended.

krazeecain1874d ago

You can download games and play them offline. There's no BS requirement to always be connected to the internet. If your internet is crappy or whatever you can still play games on the Ouya.

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MestreRothN4G1874d ago

So you'll prefer a console that plays cel phone games?

How can someone even think this console may be a good idea, FFS?!

Yes, this always confuzzles me.

NastyLeftHook01874d ago

wow, microsoft announcing an always online console might actually be good news not only for sony but for ouya. people (casuals) who want a dirt cheap console could jump all over this. next gen will be interesting.

chukamachine1874d ago

Nintendo fail
OUYA fail
Nvidia fail



See what happens.

AKR1874d ago

Nintendo fail?
What are you talking about?

- 3DS is the hottest selling gaming device on the marker right now.

- Nintendo also won the 7th generation in both the HOME and HANDHELD console divisions. They own the most sold game console ever (DS) and third most sold game console ever (Wii).

- The Wii U has infant growing pains like every console before it. It's potential has yet to be fully realized. Yet, it's as well as the 360 and barely less than the PS3 in the same time period (first 4 months). It just recently OUTSOLD the PS3 in weekly sales over in Japan.

- Don't say trash until you get facts straight -

LKHGFDSA1874d ago

it's not all about sales, mate.

ziratul1874d ago

Wii U will have some HardCore games + Nintendo games in the next few years. Win - Win combination.

I am not Nintendo user (don't have $$ to buy it) but I am almost 100% sure Nintendo will succeed.

AKR1874d ago


- Oh it isn't? The overall success of the console goes by how well the console is selling. That determines the success of any product, my friend. If you have a product, and there are more people just like you who have a product of the same kind, and you put it up in stores, what are you trying to do? Compete for sales, correct? You're the one trying to get the most sales, because if it's selling, it's becoming successful.

kikoano1874d ago

SOny and AMD are very losing if they dont get so much money from the new ps4 they are doomed.Nvidia its too rich to compire with amd and microsoft are losing ing everyting in windows and xbox.its time for new companys to rise up even more like valve and intel.

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