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Adam Orth and Microsoft Say “Deal With It”

Adam Orth, Microsoft's Creative Director, is for "Always-On" consoles -- and against the people who can't access them. (Culture, Industry, Microsoft)

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Jek_Porkins  +   775d ago
Actually Microsoft didn't say that, and Orth is probably gone by now. These articles are getting to be as fun as food poisoning.
3-4-5  +   775d ago
They may have to DEAL with low sales and having to fire people and losing money...but ya know...just DEAL WITH IT
Jek_Porkins  +   775d ago
Why would a rumor equal low sales? Microsoft has a few great things going from these types of articles.
1.There is no bad press, they are dominating headlines with the Xbox 720.

2.Every single gamer will tune in to see what Microsoft has, if only to hear about DRM and used games.

That means Microsoft will have a HUGE stage to show off their next console, which could generate huge sales in the long run.
rainslacker  +   775d ago
Or...people will just make up their minds ahead of time and not give two licks about the 720. Goes both ways that. There also is bad publicity. It annoys me that people keep saying this, and the part about how the entire spotlight is on MS now, which is good. Here's a comment I made in a blog about this. I'm posting it verbatim because I can't be fussed to write it out again.
You know what. Sony could come out tomorrow, announce something amazingly cool for their system, or possibly unveil a new awesome exclusive game for it, and you know what would happen. Do you realize all Sony would have to do right now is just show what their damn console looks like and people would stop talking about MS, and start saying how PS4 definitely won't require always-on.

It could cement the PS4 as the must-have console for next gen. You know why? Because right now, a hell of a lot of people are hell-bent on how bad of a move this is for MS. With one stroke, Sony could easily sway a lot of people who may not even consider a PS4, and make it where they will make up their mind.

This is a precarious situation for MS right now. Bad press is best followed up by an amazing announcement or reveal. It's karma I guess, and it could swing heavily in Sony's favor if something like that were to come to pass.

Sometimes, it's not always about having the most headlines. What is MS achieving in these few days of press dominance? People not talking about the PS4? People talking negatively and already moving away from the Xbox brand? How is this beneficial to them, when the rug could easily be pulled out from under them in the blink of an eye? I don't really recall all the massive hate articles for Sony when the PS3 first launched being particularly beneficial to them.

I personally don't see Sony doing this. I doubt they are feeling threatened by MS bad press. If anything, I would assume the exact opposite, and they are probably going to let it stew for as long as possible. Sony couldn't have asked for a better thing to happen for them right now.
edonus  +   775d ago
I really dont want to see this guy fired.

It will only show that some obscure person cant make snarky comments on the internet with out their world falling apart.

You see all this BS and fanboyism but working a job and earning a living is a real thing. His comment was actually a critique on the logic people in forums were using.

So I can go on the internet and see comments from ignorant racist and immature perverts all these people without consequence but when a guy that just so happens to work for MS gives a middle finger to dumb commentary he looses his job.

We over step our boundaries. We become the ever watching ever listening kinect camera in the living room bathroom and kitchen. The real big brother. I dont want to be that.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   775d ago
It's called consequences of position. It's not unfair or unjust to put him under the gallows because of his actions.

Business 101 : When you have a job in the corporate world, your words are your company words.
edonus  +   775d ago
I know what the precedent is but still its not right. I was in banking when people started getting in trouble and fired for making facebook comments. The word was the banks started monitoring employee social network profiles.

I never agreed with that I wouldnt agree with this.
rainslacker  +   775d ago
He possibly outed a huge trade secret for MS. His termination has already happened, and he was deserving of it. his reckless comments could have possibly cost MS hundreds of millions of dollars. Whether he meant it or not and no matter his intentions, and no matter the context, he made a huge mistake, and with that mistake comes serious consequences.

Something like this means his reputation is forever ruined within the gaming industry, or any industry that holds it's trade secrets dear(ie. most technological companies).

He is lucky if all he loses is his job. MS clearly has a strong civil suit against him. The only thing that may stave that off is that it could mean confirming things they don't want confirmed, but this guys life is forever changed.
edonus  +   775d ago
But he never really said anything.

His comments had nothing in them to actually do with MS. His comments were just a guy talking trash about how stupid people are being. I do this all the time, but since he is a MS employee he isnt entitled to tell people they are being foolish and irrational.

And that is the problem with the industry, rumors of an announced system shouldnt cost anyone anything.

I also doubt these rumors will cost MS that much if anything at all. Remember the people that are commenting and hearing this stuff are high information gamers(not that they are smart or even understand or can even properly reason the info) they are on sites and in forums and they make up a very small block of the consumer. So the damage wont hit a big block of consumers.

Next its not like these high information gamers have got their information and are now turned off to anymore info. When MS announces their console this same population will be there to receive it. It would be different if the Ps4 was coming out before MS got their system announced but that is highly unlikely.

Some people may say what about pre orders, well you can change and cancel pre orders and the way wanted systems fly off the shelves anyway that will be a non factor. Some may say what about dev support these rumors could rattl them... not likely MS hasthem as partners they arent trying to woo them or gain anything they are already onboard and probably know more about the system we do.

The affected person would basically have to hear the rumors now in the depths of the internet then totally be removed from gaming news and information until the Ps4 comes out. I doubt there are 1000 people that could fit that criteria.
NegativeCreep427  +   775d ago
I've already dealt with it.
I've only looked to Sony for my next-gen gaming needs.
nthstew  +   775d ago
why this article again ????
Adam Orth = moron we know that already
Knight_Crawler  +   775d ago
More 720 articles...Dealwithit people because we are going to see tons of these until E3 and MS comes on stage with a troll face and say always online not going to happening.

People will clap and pat MS on the back for saving the day.
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Aceman18  +   775d ago
i don't care what he or microsoft has to say the 360 is the last product i'll ever buy from this company.

nintendo and sony can take care of my gaming needs for the foreseeable future.
XabiDaChosenOne  +   775d ago
It's fanboys like you that assure me that this E3 will be the most entertaining one yet.
Bobby Kotex  +   775d ago
We really need to be able to filter out shit articles.
KrisButtar  +   775d ago
If Adam had said get with the times, and get the Internet, it's awesome. I wonder am I to buy the Internet company and then send work orders to where I live so they can expand Internet to my area as it's not available where I live. I agree Internet is awesome but it's not the norm around the world yet.
Supermax  +   775d ago
Deal with it.
stage88  +   775d ago
Not purchasing the next xbox under any circumstances at all.

Microsoft, #dealwithit
IK IR Y IP T  +   775d ago
only thing they are dealing with is the money they saved from not having to advertise there product its amazing xbox hasn't even been announced and it's getting all this publicity
NukeDaHippies  +   775d ago
I don't know if it's true or not about always havin to be connected. But if it's true, then yea i'm sure Sim City and Diablo 3 are good examples of why it's a great idea. They totally weren't my most disappointing experiences these past few years.

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