Criterion working on an 'Unannounced Racing Title' due for release in 2013

Criterion Games is developing an "unannounced racing title" due for release in 2013, the CV of one of its employees has suggested.

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toxic-inferno1631d ago

Yeah, as much fun as Most Wanted was, it only felt like a teaser for the next Burnout...

TrevorPhillips1631d ago

I miss the old burnout games where you crash into cars, etc to get points :)

MikeMyers1631d ago

I would love to see a next gen. Road Rash.

Good_Guy_Jamal1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Takedown 2 anyone?
Takedown was the best racing game that I played on the ps2. Nothing has ever matched that rush you feel when the camera slows down for a takedown cam.

1631d ago
ShiftyLookingCow1631d ago

Yeah anything but Paradise 2.

Blaze9291630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Burnout sure, as long as it's nothing like Paradise...or another Need for Speed game (by Criterion).

Paradise was cool but the open world element was not. Need for Speed Most Wanted was so pointless it wasn't even funny - especially compared to the original.

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USMC_POLICE1631d ago

Burnout or underground remake. I hope for burnout I believe Paradise was out not long after the launch titles.

hiredhelp1631d ago

I' agree love crash time.

Kurt Russell1631d ago

Burnout pursuit motionblur crash crash by any chance?

Burnout was amazing 5-10 years ago, but it has all become a bit samey. I hope they mix it up a little, e.g give the cars handling so we don't have to spend every race scraping off walls.

FriedGoat1631d ago

Burnout paradise was an amazing game unmatched by any other. The online play and teamwork made the game so unique and fun.

BTW, I loved you in Escape From New York.

Kluv1631d ago

oh my god, burnout on next gen consoles sounds absolutely perfect.

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The story is too old to be commented.