PALGN: Grand Theft Auto IV Preview - Hands-on impressions, detail on the controls

PALGN writes: "Its only been a few weeks since we brought your our last preview of possibly the year's biggest game, but Rockstar had us back for another session, this time for some hands-on time with a more recent build of Grand Theft Auto IV. Rather than go through the demo blow by blow, we have decided to focus on what we think most people will be most interested in – the way the game plays, particularly the controls. If you want to get the 'vibe' of the game, check out our last preview linked above - none of our opinions have changed on what was covered in it.

But first, we'll briefly go over the story stuff we were shown. The demonstration began with a hands-off section, picking up soon after our last preview story-wise. It seems the heroin from the heist had been tracked by the cops, who have now surrounded the building. Niko, Frank and the the drug guy must escape from the sting in two cars, now under a nice three star wanted level. It was quite an action-packed mission, and demonstrated the way the new wanted system worked quite well. The on-screen GPS map shows the wanted radius, which you must escape, and in this instance Niko and pals actually had to change car to avoid the law."

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Lord Vader3690d ago

They are comparing the lock-on system to Lost Panties ? Not good...

I hate auto-lock anyway, as long as I can turn that crap off, the rest of the gameplay article was very good. Still searching for mp info...