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Xbox fans outraged at Orth’s comments, Greenberg doesn’t know who he is

Aaron Greenberg, Chief of Staff for Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft, was shown Adam Orth’s tweets and his reply was really surprising. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

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NastyLeftHook0  +   531d ago | Well said
too late, he already did the damage. people in rual areas should feel insulted.

oh and i like how they say "may get fired" his behind is gone for sure.

@convas, please refrain from using racist/insulting comments on here. that is childish.
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ThatCanadianGuy514  +   531d ago
Convas... you seem to be having a bit of a meltdown the last few days? Are you okay?

on topic, it's strange to see MS take this route.I expected xbox and playstation to duke it out next gen again for round 3.

Instead, wii U is D.O.A and Microsoft seems hellbent on killing the xbox so it looks like it's just PS4 vs Ouya at this point lol
dcbronco  +   531d ago
Or at least rumors are hell bent on killing the Xbox. MS hasn't said a thing.
OpieWinston  +   530d ago
Rumors bro...
Sony had similar rumors, it's just people from both sides of the console war focused on destroying the other sides fanbase at all costs.

Microsoft will either A) Host a conference and show their game off, OR B) Wait till E3 and collectivally show their console and exclusives off as well as answer questions for the Xbox fans.

I will agree Wii-U is practically stuck in current gen, only thing keeping it alive is it having kickass Exclusives.

Personally I'm 70/30 getting a 720(LET THE DISLIKES COME) but I understand why people want the PS4 and I respect that, I've realized this console war is just pathetic and people will buy what they want.

Rant...Rant...Rant...FUCK RUMORS!
cyguration  +   530d ago

The rumors about the PS4 were shot down a year before Sony announced the console (especially regarding Always-on and a ban on used games).

I'm not linking to those articles anymore because people should be informed before saying ignorant things without researching them first.
xursz  +   530d ago
I don't know what all this is about but I feel like Microsoft has made a string of bad calls recently. Didn't Win8 just fall flat and their flagship tablet fail to take off as well?

I have to wonder what the heck is going on over there.
Gaming101  +   530d ago
Developers are quoted as saying "Make sure to pay your ISP bills", so I can hardly say the always online is a hoax. If a guy working for Msoft says its always online, and devs are clearly indicating it, then it's happening whether you like it or not.

Microsoft needs to formulate a message with its marketing and public relations people to ensure they spin this in their favour as much as possible. Having a smug, ignorant piece of garbage mouth off like a douchebag, full of Hubris on Twitter is NOT good messaging, and terrible public relations. Quite frankly he should be banned from talking about anything even relating to Microsoft publicly, as there are certain secrets that need to be kept secret for good reason.
Sono421  +   530d ago
What did the tweet say??
Can somebody please tell me.
fei-hung  +   531d ago
This is worse than Sony making a comment about getting 2 jobs at the PS3 launch, difference is, they didnt add salt on the wounds by calling Sony gamers "cheapskates" or "homeless" or "stingy."

MS needs to rethink their next gen strategy to make sure they are not D.O.A (DOA like in the FRIENDS theme song not the video game).
Cueil  +   530d ago
the difference is that was said by the head of Sony's entertainment division this was just some guy
silvacrest  +   530d ago
i doubt that matters, all most people will see is an official microsoft employee spouting ignorant nonsense
Skips  +   530d ago

One of Microsoft's Creative Directors isn't just "SOME GUY". -_-
rainslacker  +   530d ago
Both comments are unprofessional, and not very considerate of your potential consumers. Two wrongs don't make a right. Doesn't really matter if the guy isn't a high level CEO, in this instance he still has an obligation to be respectful to the consumers due to his ties with MS. He is perfectly entitled to his opinions, but given his position, he should consider how he presents them better. Also, as I recall Sony got a lot of heat over that comment, so not sure why people are trying to draw the correlation.

All that being said, Twitter is a bane on society.
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Cueil  +   530d ago
Yes... he's just "some guy"... everyone knew Krazy Ken no one knows this guy... not even the guy in charge of the Xbox
extermin8or  +   530d ago
That statement wasn't said with any malice though- this guys tweet is deliberately said in a way to get people pissed off/riled up :/ Also he's a moron he likens having an internet connection to your console tot hat of an electricity supply. Idiot-one is ESSETIAL to the machine working- nothing anyone can do about that, however internet connection is an optional choice and only compulsory if they make it so.
Sony360  +   530d ago
Dead or Alive?

Isn't that a beat 'em up?
dcbronco  +   531d ago
If you think a person even in Greenberg's position knows everyone, even people in high positions, you're kidding yourself's. If you've ever known someone that hires large numbers of people for a company that has hundreds of employees you'd know that they still don't know everyone they hire. They are filling spots not getting to know people. MS has 65,000 people. I'm sure he doesn't know the vast majority of them.

Half the people on this site probably don't even know who the Vice President is.

Or you could attribute it to a fanboy attitude. Any hint that something might be negative about what you like and it instant defense force.

I do agree that the Orth comment was way out of line. Even if you think it you don't need to say it.
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Sparticus_1  +   530d ago
uh...we have a vice president?
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otherZinc  +   530d ago
I agree with Aaron Greenburg, I dont know who this guy is either. I think he works at SONY.
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   530d ago
Thanx for changing that obnoxious picture you had had before. I can now agree with your comments.
On topic, this whole mess is a PR nightmare. Glad I'm not on the team responsible for Xbox image.
MYSTERIO360  +   530d ago
Its understandable that Mr Greenberg didn't know this guy considering there's possibly hundreds of Creative directors working at MS. It doesn't mean that what Orth said isn't true and indeed he does work there.
Daves  +   530d ago
The problem is the damage is the truth.
NateCole  +   530d ago
It's good though. The more the xbox fans stand against this the greater the chance MS will not do something like this.
extermin8or  +   530d ago
at this late stage in the game, it's likely to be hardware related, so it's probably too late- if they aren't well underway with production- there's no way the next xbox will be out, smaller things cost more and are harder and take longer to prodice btw before anyone sys it will be small or something...
Glad to see all the good xbox press. Nice!

ps4 day 1 though.
Lior  +   530d ago
Some major Xbox fagboy ass hurtin on n4g today
Andreas-Sword  +   530d ago
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extermin8or  +   530d ago
you realise that's a spoof account right? I follow it too has some bloody funny tweets :p
christina55d   530d ago | Spam
MEsoJD  +   530d ago
There's a rumor that he was fired.
MYSTERIO360  +   530d ago
I can see MS new marketing slogan now '' xbox 720 always online deal with it''
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majiebeast  +   531d ago | Well said
Hell if i was Greenberg i would also deny that i know the guy.
Ezz2013  +   531d ago
what i find funny that he deny that he know the guy
when that guy Indeed work for MS
and yet still didn't debunk what he said
unlike sony ...when the rumor abot sony blocking used games ..sony was very fast and debunk it
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omi25p  +   530d ago
That was after they had announced the PS4. When all the rumors were floating around they just said all will be at the conference.

Which seems to be exactly what Microsoft are doing.
_-EDMIX-_  +   530d ago
@omi25P- The rumor wasn't regarding the PS4. Sony had a patient that would ID the disk to the system and many believed this could be in the PS4.

No leaks for VGleaks or Kotaku or Edge etc said anything regarding PS4 devkits blocking used games.

Thus, Sony debunked it after PS4 was announced, but it wasn't part of any of the spec leaks.

The 720 bluray installs and always on DRM IS PART OF THOSE SPEC LEAKS! MS should bite the bullet and just say (We are working on 720 or XBNext and NO, it won't block used games) thats it!

At this point, they will mess up big time if people JUST keep thinking it really does block used games. But....I mean thats really if it isn't true. At this point, its pretty much all but confirmed. TOO MANY DAMN sources are confirming this to be true, many of which leaked out PS4's specs...all of which where 100% true.

So the whole "rumors" crap is just getting more and more sad. People....its pretty much all but confirmed to be true. Good enough for me! LOL! I said it before and I'll say it again....no system has been announced under sire secrecy.
TheSurg  +   530d ago
MS can't debunk anything because MS never said it works on next xbox. They can't even defend themselves from rumors untill next xbox is announced.
BanBrother   530d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(1)
thedon8982z  +   530d ago
yeah me too!!!!lllooollll!!!!
Anthotis  +   531d ago
Glad this smug prick got fired.

I wish misfortune on anyone who supports always online DRM and other draconian BS.
Rivitur  +   530d ago
Well you better start praying for Microsoft's demise then.
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optimus  +   531d ago
Funny, i just commented on this in the other thread, saying that microsoft has a job listing on their website looking for a creative director for microsoft studios to work on a AAA title set in the halo universe, posted yesterday, so i'd say he's officially fired...and is feeling a little butt-hurt about it.
Clarence  +   531d ago
1.Greenberg knows who this guy is. He's lying.

2. This was Greenberg chance to debunk the rumor about the new Xbox having to always be connected to the internet.

I hope this isn't true. Though the Playstation is my console of choice I like to own all three for the exclusive games each one has.
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Minato-Namikaze  +   531d ago
It's' hard to hide who you are when you start talking. You make even the most gifted liar talk enough he'll show his true intentions. Point being if MS starts talking about this enough they'll tip their hand one way or another so they are trying the avoidance tactic.
Clarence  +   531d ago
Very true well said my friend.

I guess we'll have to wait and see. The PS4 is a day 1 purchase for me. I'm waiting on Zelda then I will purchase the Wii u. I want the next Xbox for Gears, but this is making me a bit skeptical on purchasing it.

I might be a 2 console owner this time around. It's really looking like the PS4 will have everything I need when it comes out.
rainslacker  +   530d ago
I'd give him the benefit of the doubt on this one. MS is a huge company, and a man in greenbergs position likely doesn't interact with people unless they are higher ups on the food chain. I also don't know the corporate structure, or how high up a creative director is. Honestly seems like a very broad job title to me. If he didn't know who he was before, he certainly does now though. Too bad for Orth I guess, as I know MS doesn't suffer leaks lightly.

Other than that, I agree completely with number 2. If ever there was a time to debunk something, it's when people are really up in arms about it. The feeling I get is that this has escalated well beyond some forum grumblings.
dangerousjo34   531d ago | Spam
MilkMan  +   531d ago
Man who cares? Are people looking for reasons to bitch?
M$ has done their home work. If it wants always on Internet its cause the majority of their customers already have it.
and those that don't have fast speeds WILL get it. Its inevitable.

Cable and phone companies are loosing money left and right. The'll play ball and get everybody on high speeds. My friend in Kansas never had high speed internet until a year ago, guess what? His speeds are faster and better than mine and I live in NYC paying for tier 2 speed that's 150 bucks. Next level up is my own dedicated line.

So WTF?!
dangerousjo34  +   531d ago
thats right ms dont run current gen for nothing
Themba76  +   531d ago
sorry man i like 360 as well and it was a nice ride but this has got to be the dumbest business decesion i have ever seen. sony has already won I guess microsoft has to deal with it.
Gamer-Z  +   530d ago
You don't get it, its not about DRM well it is but also its about giving the consumer more options to access their media. Microsoft is notorious for restricting, limiting and controlling their products, the xbox 360 for example:

1. not being able to play your downloaded media on other consoles without licencing transfers.
2. Forced subscriptions
3. pay to play p2p
4. forced online connection to play videos from a usb
5. forced updates by restricting your access
6. xbl sub to access your other subs
7. restricting indie development
8. charging indie devs for patch certifications
9. third party game parity policy

that's just to name few things...

720 (not confirmed):

10. always on line connection
11. online DRM
12. forced always on kinect connection
13. kinect scan to detect number of people watching media
14. Second hand games blocking technology
15. forced game installs

now put all that together and you have a cluster fuck of restrictions coming to the 720.

(sorry for the language.)
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edonus  +   530d ago
Even if all of this was true, without knowing the business model its not perspective.

For instance if the did have a straight DRM system in place but made the games cost $20 dollars cheaper or a subscription that made the console $99 at launch.

I know you are just trolling but it still needs to be said MS has not announce anything offically yet.
_-EDMIX-_  +   530d ago
@edonus....that might be the stupidest thing I've read on this site in years.

1. Publishers set prices

2.No damn subscricption can make a system with the specs of the 720 $99. Thats not even covering HALF of the damn system.

3. I didn't need SONY in febuery to tell me PS4 was being announced.....Edge, Kotaku, Vgleaks, Neogaf etc filled in those games months and WEEKS AGO! I watched to see what the games looked like, we very much KNEW what it was and how powerful it was.

No system has ever been announced with sire secrecy.....720 is no different. Only people stating "its a rumor" or "wait until MS officially says something" are the ones that just can't take this to be true. They very much don't like what there hearing.

Those same sources outed PS4.....were they not correct?
babadivad  +   531d ago
What did he say?
clintos59  +   531d ago
I love how microsoft is all quiet then some guy from their own company decides to defend always online & now out of nowhere greenberg say's he doesnt know who he is lol. He prolly said that because they obviously fired him.
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cyberninja  +   531d ago | Well said
This is what Kaz Hirai said: http://i.imgur.com/rixjoS6....
MariaHelFutura  +   531d ago
That is the best reply ever. Kaz and yourself deserves a bubble +1.
#12.1 (Edited 531d ago ) | Agree(38) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
GABRIEL1030  +   531d ago
Kaz is very funny, remember the limmo feb 20th advertising =)
MasterCornholio  +   531d ago
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

ROFL so funny.
M2-  +   531d ago
Doesn't twitter allow you to tweet via text message?
clintos59  +   531d ago
Lmfao is dat real? If it iz Kaz iz da shizznit lol.
wishingW3L  +   530d ago
that's not a real account but still funny. The guy has thousand of followers from people that believe that he really is Kaz. lol
#12.4.1 (Edited 530d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(1) | Report
SaxScrotumz  +   531d ago
LOL..That was damn funny!!! Nice one!
#12.5 (Edited 531d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
tetsuhana  +   530d ago
Fake account bros
hardcorehippiez  +   530d ago
havent commented on any of this because a lot seems to be dividing fanboys again just when there was a certain level of acceptibility being reached among gamers but hell that was funny . it does show why this will not work and why microsoft is nuts to even try it
edonus  +   530d ago
That was very funny. Nice to see someone with a sense of humor.
Nikhil  +   530d ago
That's a parody account, not really Kaz.
#12.8 (Edited 530d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
black911  +   531d ago
Can someone explain to me what happened?
Dlacy13g  +   531d ago
Twitter trolling from someone who claimed to be an MS employee. He basically went on a rant about always online being no big deal and insulted just about everyone. People looked up his twitter...I think found a linked in so it all looks fairly legit. But being honest...its not too hard to fake most of that stuff.
THE-COMMANDER  +   531d ago
lol this is fun :D
ArchieBunker   531d ago | Spam
TheSurg  +   531d ago
Or maybe Adam Orth is a hoax since Aaron doesn't even know who the guys is?
Objective  +   530d ago
Wouldn't be surprised if it was some Sony fanboy or employee.
silvacrest  +   530d ago
this is microsoft we are talking about, who have tens of thousands employees, i dont expect greenburg to no even 50%
xursz  +   530d ago
I know it's hard to believe but this is all real. He even got into a back n forth with a Bioware employee who he claims to be his "buddy".

What I don't know is if this was some type of publicity stunt to get people talking or what because what Microsoft's *Creative Director* was spewing is just too stupid to honestly believe.
Dlacy13g  +   531d ago
Look the truth of the matter is who ever this Adam Orth is...he is a nobody in the game space. Hes certainly not a well known name. I have no doubt Greenburg doesn't know who he is for either of the following: a) MS is a big company so no doubt Greenburg doesn't know everyone b) He really doesn't work for MS and was just trolling everyone by creating a believable cover(it is the internet after all...).

Regardless of what was truthful or not there is definitely some damage done off the rumor and the rage that followed because clearly MOST believe this guy was from MS. I tend to think he isn't from MS just based on "nobody" can be that thick headed and stupid about public statements like he was making. It really felt like someone just trolling people on just to do it and get the reaction meter cranked.

LOL...heck, the reality is that guy made up the fake account and actually is part of Sony's new marketing team. They ninja'd in and dropped a bomb on MS's lap and then snuck away.

My two cents on all this... I am not getting caught up in all the hype/fear/doom/fever... I will wait for MS to officially tell me what they are coming out with before I go on record about how I feel about it. Just like I am with the PS4... I need to know price, full specs including online and any other relevant info.
#17 (Edited 531d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(14) | Report | Reply
cyguration  +   530d ago
That conspiracy theory about Sony's marketing is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever read.

It's much easier to believe MS would go through with an anti-consumer measure and just make the 720 always-on with a block on used games. It's not much different than how they operate their OS business or Xbox Live.
rainslacker  +   530d ago
There is indeed an Adam Orth that works for MS. Or at least he has worked on games for MS...Kinect Star Wars being one. He's also worked for SCEA on a couple games back in the early to mid 2000's(Twisted Metal Black being one), as well as worked for EA after that. I can't find anything about his current employment though, but it's possible his credit to kinect star was through MS. Granted I didn't dig too deep, and creative director isn't listed in the credits of KSW at all.

I imagine at least one news source reporting on this would have tried to verify he is who he says he is...I hope at least one would...OK, well probably none of them did, so yeah he may not work for MS.
Saleem101   531d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
GABRIEL1030  +   531d ago
oh boy, I'm already worried right now, first : Microsoft's bad movements and now their staff are insulting the people. =(
Darrius Cole  +   531d ago
Is that supposed to mean something? Aaron Greenberg is way up the MS food chain, of of course he wouldn't know somebody small enough to make a mistake on twitter. Bill Gates probably doesn't know who he is either, or at least they didn't,....until this morning.
whoyouwit04  +   530d ago
This guy is suppose to be a creative director at one of their studios. Aaron Greenberg is the Chief of Staff for Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft, how the hell do you think he would not know who he is if he actually worked there? Like I said you Sony fan boys so desperately want all these negative rumors to be true you refuse to believe any evidence that points to them not being true.
Mikelarry  +   531d ago
The cheek of the comment. this is exactly the attitude sony had last gen the made me choose my xbox as my first next gen console. i stopped playing my xbox over a year ago due to the yearly live subscription this move has assured me that i made the right choice.
wishingW3L  +   530d ago
What attitude? Like if arrogancy or launching a pricey console would mean anything? At the end of the day by paying for live, buying multiple consoles due to RRoD or sending them over for repair you already surpassed the price of the $600 PS3 and the PS2 is one of the best consoles in history.

So stop looking for excuses to justify your fanboy agenda because the point still stands. M$ might block used games and require an always online access to play games which would be one of the worst things a gaming company would have ever done to the consumer. It's fine for a couple of games but for all of them while at the same time killing retro-gaming culture? M$ are scum.
#21.1 (Edited 530d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Angainor7  +   531d ago
Guys relax, this is trolling, they can't be that stupid
silvacrest  +   530d ago
look at history and im talking about in general, not just gaming

yes they can be that stupid
Angainor7  +   530d ago
man then we are talking about a suicide. honestly i can't understand how the f**k are they going to screw this up. How is it possible to take a very nice recipe with the 360 and turn it into a hell magnet with the 720? i agree, they' ve made mistakes but hopefully this time will make it right. otherwise i switch..
andreasx  +   530d ago
Then you don't know M$.
isyourhouseonfire  +   530d ago
Microsoft has proven itself a fair and valuable player in the industry. As gamers, we OWE it to them to react more civilized than we are.
wishingW3L   530d ago | Trolling | show
thedon8982z  +   530d ago
F@^k MS, All they proved is that they can nickel and dime the shit out of you for services you already payed for(NETFLIX,HULU,YOUTUBE,ONLIN E GAMING)!!!!!!
wishingW3L   530d ago | Trolling | show
GraveLord  +   530d ago
They fired him already huh? Those Microsoft Ninjas work fast.
lovegames718   530d ago | Off topic | show
chukamachine   530d ago | Trolling | show
CEOSteveBallmer   530d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
BladerunnerZX  +   530d ago
I have been a gamer since the Atari2600 days of old and I have always enjoyed having multiple game consoles in in each generation of gaming from the 8-bit days up to current gen.

That all changed with this generation because of Microsofts greed and disregard of the consumers both casual and hardcore gamers.

I started out this generation with both PS3 and Xbox360 but as time went on I realized that Microsofts greedy policies would eventually be the downfall of the gaming industry as we know it.

Microsoft and the out of touch suits that are running Xbox Live have nothing to contribute to gaming other than sucking the blood from Xbox gamers that for whatever reasons continue to support Microsoft their corporate douchbag attitudes and money hungry policies.
Pillsbury1  +   530d ago
People have slowly started to realize that, which is why I sold my 360 years ago.
HmongAmerican  +   530d ago
I bet if MS gaming division going down they gonna take us with them. The whole time when MS enter the gaming market I know what they have in mind. Screw all gamers and slowly kill of other competition. Sadly they had failed to do so. Thats is why I never trust them. All they want is money. They could care less about those who feed them.
Tonester925   530d ago | Offensive
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