MTB: Wondering where we went wrong in Game & Wario [Preview]

MTB: Game & Wario didn’t play quite like I expected it to. When I hear Wario’s name these days, I can’t help but think of the absurd, fast-paced microgames he’s become associated with. This game seems a lot more toned down than his previous games, only handing out 16 games that are a lot longer than what I’m used to. It may not be fair of me to ask for the kind of frantic action I’m used to from the Warioware games, but what I saw here wasn’t all that impressive. I only got to try three of the sixteen possible games on the disk, but what I saw just did nothing for me.

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Venox20081871d ago

I personally am warioware fan, but for this one im gonna wait for reviews

MNGamer-N1870d ago

I actually don't like the warioware games. Looks like I may not like this one either.