ZombiU: The Unsung Hero Of 2012

Gamer Euphoria writes:

''While the Wii U may be faltering on a number of fronts, I have still had some of the best recent video game experiences on the console. Oddly the newest system on the market managed to recreate some nostalgia, and I’m not talking about Mario.

ZombiU was one of the most refreshing games I’ve played in the last five years. Sure the concept of anything zombie related is now long in the tooth, but ZombiU managed to make the undead threatening again. When ZombiU was released, the market was filled with games in which players would lay waste to hundreds of zombies for laughs. ZombiU went in a different direction, a single zombie could end the players life. It added a sense of challenge to the game , as well as forcing the player to think out each encounter.''

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dungeonboss1808d ago

First game in a long time that had me counting bullets in increments of one.

just-joe1808d ago

Yeah, it felt like that thing the Resident Evil hasn't been in quite sometime, what was it? Oh yeah, survival horror.

Thirty3Three1808d ago

Unsung hero of 2012? Um. No.

GamerEuphoria1808d ago

Thank you for sharing your opinion.

Phil321808d ago

You explained your side of the argument very well, Thirty3Three. Now I know why ZombiU is not the unsung hero of 2012. If you have any other thoughts on various games and subjects that you'd like to elaborate as well along the lines of "Um. No", then please tell me so I can read it. I look forward to your in-depth analysis!

BosSSyndrome1808d ago

Extremely underrated imo. I give it an 8/10


Best zombie game of 2012 for me. Very underrated.

Megaplaynate1808d ago

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed is the king. The game's decent but unlike demon's souls where each death was my fault, in zombiu most of my deaths were due to the clunkiness of the game. The devs said it was intended but I don't think so.
Maybe if they had invested more time this game would have been great.

ZeekQuattro1808d ago

Zombi U is a great game. Prepper out.

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