PS4 is Not Backwards Compatible and That’s a Good Thing

Frontburnr: If you think the next-generation will be about the technical power of graphics and hardware, you are thinking like a console generation that is ready to be passed by. This is about a platform reflecting a social world, a connected world. Sony is providing the power to not just build better looking games but the power to share and participate in content dynamically.

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dedicatedtogamers1695d ago

No, a lack of a beneficial feature is never a "good" thing.

However, it's not necessarily a bad thing, either. The PS4's lack of a built-in flashlight isn't a bad thing, even though it's a feature that is not included.

agentxk1695d ago

When I stumbled across this, I was surprised to see some decent points. We can't really move forward if we are still looking in the rearview mirror.

However, I do have a ton of PS1,2 and 3 games. So it's a "Yeah, but..." type of situation.

wampdog291694d ago

You also can't move on without knowing where you came from....

sikbeta1694d ago

Less options YAY!!!! -___-

Only good thing about this is the price of PS4 will not be as awful as PS3's and ylod/variant probably will not happen

starchild1694d ago

I hate when people argue that backwards compatibility isn't valuable to have. I love the PC for that reason. I can play my entire library of PC games on a single device.

ABizzel11694d ago

I understand disc based BC not being there, but I kind of wanted my digital games to transfer.

I mean I have a bunch of digital games thanks to PS+, PSN sales, and games that I just had to buy, and I kind of expected those to transfer over simply because their digital and PS+ is suppose to continue with the PS4.

Maybe they'll offer all of them again for PS+ users during the first few months of PS4 PS+ launch.

BitbyDeath1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )


Can you get a game called Dr Drago's Madcap Adventure to work on Win7?
It hasn't worked since Win95 and i'm not going back to that.

Not every game on PC works on the latest version of Windows mostly just the recent ones.

MysticStrummer1694d ago

"I hate when people argue that backwards compatibility isn't valuable to have."

I hate when people think their opinion should be everyone else's too. I never used my PS2's BC. I never used my PS3's BC. Apparently BC is not valuable to me. Try to deal with that.

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vet_medic1695d ago

If it makes PS4 price higher I don't want it

Tiqila1694d ago

depends on how much higher the price would get. Since my ps3 just broke the other day I would gladly pay around 100$ for being able to play my ps3 games again and dont need to buy a new ps3 for 200$

TopDudeMan1694d ago

I don't understand why people are going nuts about backwards compatibility. Even if they did put it on, it would never be as good as playing the game on the original console that it came out for.

Tiqila1694d ago

i preferred playing ps2 games on my ps3 lastly... DS3 is almost identical with ps2 controller but its wireless...

princejb1341694d ago

I disagree backwards compatible is very important
For one I have 26 ps3 games that I won't be able to play on my ps4 when I do buy it
And I don't want to keep my ps3 because that's just extra space in my room that I don't have
So if I'm not keeping the ps3 there's no point of keeping the ps3 games

Good_Guy_Jamal1694d ago

Not a deal breaker to be honest. I hope my ps3 doesn't give in but PS4 will be used for PS4 games.
Next Xbox better have BC though, I have way to many downloaded and retail 360 games and it would be a shame to have to keep my console around to play them.
Truth be told however, I'll probably end up not even playing the darn things with all the next gen goodness taking over.
In conclusion, not a good thing, not by a long shot, but not exactly a disaster either. I can live with it.

brave27heart1694d ago

Since my PS3 isnt going anywhere Id say BC isnt an issue to me. Plus the nostalgia of hearing that start up orchestra...

As long as you still have the hardware I can always play my old games. Changing a few cables over isnt an issue to me.

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NastyLeftHook01695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

I want the ps4 to be backwards compatible, But if it is not, then its 100% fine by be. Atleast i know where my dollars are going and thats to 100% dedicated hardcore gaing and not screwing me over as a consumer with mandatory online.

agentxk1695d ago

Agreed. I like how Sony said that DRM is completely up to the dev, not them. I am always on the internet, but I am glad that users won't have to be to enjoy most of their games.

ichimaru1694d ago

what does this article have to do with always online drm. better yet, why do you feel the need to derail every comment with flame bait. comes of as bitter instead of actually being excited for the ps4

FreeHamJobs1694d ago

Not really sure how this is "flame bait?" Nothing bitter about his comment.

ichimaru1694d ago

"100% dedicated hardcore gaing and not screwing me over as a consumer with mandatory online.#" literally had Jack to do with backwards compatibility or the lack there of.

Good_Guy_Jamal1694d ago

. . .and that lil bit of jerk just for good measure.

ichimaru1694d ago

for those who literally purchased a strong library of games this gen,I would be disheartened. it's an inconvenience to have to switch consoles to play a game that cans out a year ago

ichimaru1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

said the consumer to console development teams. its not my job to find excuses for a product. its the Sony'/ms' job to convince me it's worth a purchase

insomnium21694d ago


Wouldn't PS4 be more worth the purchase if it is cheaper? Would you pay a full 100 dollars more for b/c? How about 150 dollars? Where do you draw the line?

T21694d ago

Sorry im not paying 100 bucks more on a ps4 so others can play uncharted 2 ... How bout just enjoy uc4 ?

Neonridr1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

The problem I see here is that because the PS4 is so radically different in architecture from the PS3, the only way to have backwards compatibility might be to embed a PS3 Cell processor into the PS4 hardware used strictly for the playing of PS3 games. Having to do this could easily tack on another 100 bucks to the end price, so for that I would rather just get up and turn on the PS3 instead.

It's a great convenience, but not worth it if it raises the costs, or reduces the build quality to accommodate.

Again, it's a nice feature to have, but not a deal breaker in the end...

ShiftyLookingCow1694d ago

Certainly not a deal breaker but trying to spin it as a plus is just silly.

KwietStorm1694d ago

It's a huge plus if keeping it out keeps the price down. It's good for more people to afford, it's good for Sony to make money, it's good for developers to get with the developin'

But seriously, backward compatibility was never promised to anyone at any time. It was just a luxury on consoles that started with the PS1. Things were different then. It's a slight inconvenience at best to have to boot up my PS3 to play an old game, something that won't be happening often with me anyway.

darren_poolies1694d ago

You buy a new console to play new games.