Destructoid: Microsoft man on always-online consoles: 'Deal with it'

Jim Sterling writes "Rumors that the Next Xbox will be restricted by the same always-online requirement that has crippled several major PC releases of late has not exactly been met with applause from prospective customers. One man, however -- Microsoft Studios creative director Adam Orth -- doesn't see why anybody could have an issue with a DRM Box."

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NastyLeftHook01661d ago

yeah..just deal with it. take it like a good boy. smh

Yi-Long1661d ago

... I'll deal with it by buying a PS4.

guitarded771661d ago

I'm hearing a lot of people are having the same reaction. It was stupid for him to say that. I'm certain MS's PR team is in a tailspin right now trying to figure out what to do. That single statement has changed many's perception of what the next XBOX will be, and we really don't know anything yet.

darthv721661d ago

you all just got seriously trolled and didnt even pick up on it?

That would go down as one of THE BEST pranks in console history. It would probably beat out the whole Sheng Long prank of Street Fighter 2 many years ago.

Anyone in this day and age can pass themselves off as another person when hiding behind such social media outlets like Twitter/facebook.

To think there is someone crafty enough to play on the minds of others, especially a hot topic of the 720, and get away with it.....not hard to believe at all.

That is why i will only believe the words coming from the presentation floor. If at that time all of these 'rumors' are proven true then i will apologize for not believing them sooner.

until then....i don't buy any of it. and neither should anyone else.

GrieverSoul1661d ago

First and Foremost, I dont like this always ON thing!!


You gotta handle it to Microsoft. I mean, they found a way to put people paying for a service that is, and always was, free in other competitors. They made you pay for LIVE and got away with it. Now they are trying to make it that always ON is the way to go. Im not saying they will succed but there are people who defende paying for LIVE because of this and that... lets see how they will spin this.

BTW, I have a X360 and a PS3 and I dont pay for LIVE. My LIVE susbcription is Silver because GOLD is the price of the game I pay for the PS3 with free online.

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math1661d ago Show
fermcr1661d ago

Isn't this duplicate news ?

nikrel1661d ago

So many people are going to dupe this topic, it's too hot not to.

LOGICWINS1661d ago

@Yi-Long- Preach brutha preach!

MikeMyers1661d ago

How do you deal with it if you don't have an online connection? We've seen these services go down before and while it is annoying you can still play your games offline. That's why SimCity got so much flack, they decided in their wisdom it needed a constant connection. So what you had were people paying 50 or 60 dollars and not being able to play. Guess what's going to happen when your $400 game console can't play ANY game?

RM-TatoTiburon1661d ago

i'll wait for the presentation, if this is truth i hope they know that internet connections go off very often more than energy cuts and will be a real bumer if i can't play games beacse i don't have internet in the moment

FunkMacNasty1661d ago

Hey tentonsoftube, nobody wants an 'always on' connection. But you've made it clear (and it's outlined pretty well in your comment history) that your a close minded Sony fanboy.

Everyone knows your not getting an Xbox of any kind, so instead of reminding us, why not save that one bubble of yours to say something positive... maybe in an article about Sony related stuff?

DigitalRaptor1660d ago

That comment failed pretty hard.

1) What kind of self-respecting person would get the new Xbox if all of these negative, anti-consumer rumours end up being true?

2) Why would anyone spin this debacle into a positive?

3) You get at least one bubble per article. So he can comment on Sony articles AND Microsoft articles.

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dedicatedtogamers1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

People will always make excuses. I'm already hearing them now:

"What's the big deal? Are you on N4G at the library? Everyone has internet. It's not a big deal".

Okay. Well, as a PC gamer of 20 years, I'm just going to keep my mouth shut. Go ahead and let Microsoft have control over your game library! Have fun! I've already been down that road. I'll let you kids wallow in your naivety. At least on PC, you can find cracks and hacks for your games when the DRM f***s it all up. Good luck doing that with your 720 games.

BanBrother1661d ago

Already lost a bubble today by butt-hurt 360 fanboys, so at least I can't lose another. If anyone buys this console knowing it has online DRM (presuming it does in fact have always online) then I hope they lose internet connection a lot and that XBL gets hacked and down for a month.

Anyone stupid enough to buy it deserves that.

amiga-man1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

xbox owners bring it on themselves paying for online was a green light for M$ to continue taking advantage, some people never learn and will defend it to the detriment of all gamers.

have a well said bubble BanBrother for trying to wake them up.

die_fiend1661d ago

But David Jaffe has defended him. Which must mean something right? A guy who hasn't made a good game in about a decade but still thinks people are listening to him.

WeAreLegion1661d ago

You didn't like Twisted Metal? I loved it!

InTheZoneAC1661d ago

Twisted Metal was a good game, although you can tell it was rushed or didn't have a long development cycle.

CEOSteveBallmer1661d ago

If david jaffe defended him is true, Well "sigh" how the mighty have fallen.

Tultras1661d ago

God of War???

You mentioned decade.

die_fiend1660d ago

8 years then...sheesh. And look what's happened to that franchise

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InTheZoneAC1661d ago

if the idea of any product is to lure people away from other products and buy their own, then MS has failed in every way, like they have since they first came out.

PS4 was already a 100% launch day purchase from me and I find it funny how MS is doing everything they can to throw their own customers away.

I guess they figured people weren't "smart enough" to leave when 360 was just an issue waiting to happen that they can pretty much go in any direction they want now and the same people will stick with them.

lovegames7181661d ago

Morons love a good shafting so they'll still move units. Remember these are the same political that supported micro after the read fiasco. A situation in which micro knowingly rushed hardware with high failure rate that would die after first year warranty and micro didn't have to fix or replace it. Thousands and millions rebought Xbox not knowing initially it was a micro swindle then lawsuits came and micro divulged they rushed out system and extended warranty but by then many had already bought new systems. But even after that bit of info did ppl stop buying Xbox? No!!! I mean I never bought an Xbox because that was highly insulting and shady but many many did and that is worse than this always online rumor IMO.

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