Thief on PS4: Behind-the-scenes at Eidos Montreal

PlayStation Access has released a new Thief video featuring a visit to Eidos Montreal to check out the highly anticipated game.

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Tei7771900d ago


The lead level designer is surprisingly hot.

MasterCornholio1900d ago

The visuals slightly disappoints me but im extremely interested in the game play of this game.

Ezz20131900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

they are using UE3 engine ...what do you think it will look like ??!!

want to see next gen games ?!
wait till E3 when sony show it games and sony's 1st party studios
which are using next gen engines

they will blow us away for sure
i'm still blown away by the games they showed at Ps4 event

aceitman1900d ago

It's in early stages. Wait for final product the judge

LOL_WUT1900d ago

What visuals I didn't see any gameplay?