Why You Are Killing Video Games.

This is how the players, the press and the publishers are all coming together and bringing about the death of video games. Don’t worry, there is a fix.

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tristanwerbe1807d ago

I don't buy COD every year and barely buy DLC among other things so no not my fault

Ministerb1807d ago

True but there is a culture of entitlement surrounding the video game industry currently.

steve30x1807d ago

You got it wrong. there is a culture of self important entitlement of gamers currently.

DivineAssault 1807d ago

shooters took over this gen.. why? idk but im sure 360 had something to do with it

negative1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahaha why you say stupid comment

You're right you don't know!

MilkMan1807d ago

THank you for this article. I think ive said all I wanted to say about this gen of gamers. I just dont know what or who they are.
All I know is I pay hard earned money for the games I want to play and I mostly paly it all. I dont like to be stopped because of platform.
I enjoy them all and I look forward to them all.
But there is a HUGE section of gamers that consider themselves hardcore or true gamers because they play nothing but COD.
I know cause I've seen their gamer cards and spoken to quite a few.
Some gamers only buy say Uncharted, or Madden (sports games)
This has its validity, but it seems to me that this very niche group is the more outspoken and therefore the industry feels they speak for the majority.

I don't like MP games unless its a competitive mp game. Halo, COD, Battlefield, Gears, (honorary mention Homefront).
Thats it.
If something else comes along that can be placed with these I welcome it.
NO SP game should ever have MP in it. This means there will be no DLC for the SP game, this means that any season pass will be MP-centric, this means that this is a bogus way of extending the SP experience. Period.
Co-op games are boss, and offer a great alternative to playing solo. There are times when gamers don't want to kill each other in a box, and you may want to experience a great story with a buddy. So that it feels you are in a horror, or action movie. Nothing else compares to it when doe right.

There should be sells and an appetite for all kinds of games. Not whats happened now, which is a hot mess.

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The story is too old to be commented.