Pre-owned block will 'kill the Xbox', retail warns

Retailers have warned that introducing a block on pre-owned software in the next-generation Xbox will "kill" the console if Sony continues to support used software with PlayStation 4.

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TheLyonKing1843d ago

This is obvious, the pre owned market is a big player in the gaming industry and vital life line for chains like GAME and HMV.

ChronoJoe1843d ago

I wonder if retailers will even stock the system if it's going to shun preowned sales. Retailers like game in the UK make almost all of their profit from used game sales. So there's not much of an incentive to enable such a system to succeed.

PC games shunned used games sales long ago, and now the PC section in retailers is generally incredibly small or non-existent.

I hope that it goes the same way for any console that tries the same thing. Be it Microsoft's, Sony's or Nintendo's.

USMC_POLICE1843d ago

Not even preowned what if I want to take a game I just got to a friends house?

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1843d ago

"Pre-owned block will 'kill the Xbox', retail warns"


KaBaW1842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

I think the only way they could get away with it is if new games cost $30, not $60.
Other than what shutUpAndTakeMyMoney said about taking a game to a friends.
That's the biggest bummer, if it's true. Not sharing with or gaming at friends.

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paydayp1843d ago

if the next xbox really doesnt let u play second hand games i can see sony doing the same.
not especially because sony wants it but because of the developers want it.
its all just going to be a little step for moving to full digital purchase.
if true of course.
but the hackers will always find a way too.

StrongMan1843d ago

No way. Sony is not that stupid.

DiRtY1843d ago

right now, Sony is the only manufacturer actively fighting the 2nd hand market with their online passes for first party games... They do this for a reason.

Ezz20131843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

@dirty & @paydayp
sony already confirm they will not block used games on ps4

all the eyes are on MS now

Ron_Danger1843d ago


Sony didn't come up with the online pass idea. What do you think Xbox Live Gold is?

Britainz-Fin3st1843d ago

Ron Danger.

Xbox Live is service, nothing like an online pass.
The question is what do YOU think xbl is.

Ron_Danger1843d ago


Xbox live gold- pay a fee to play online games

PSN online pass- pay a fee to play online games

KaBaW1842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

They probably would if they started to lose mass developer support.
Seeing as developers games can't play preowned on a competitors machine.
Meaning if people wanted their games they'd have to buy new or price drop.
Although Sony does have a nice 1st party group, they still need a 3rd party.

Britainz-Fin3st1840d ago

You are talking about something different to me.
When i buy a used game from EA and the person before me played online, i need to purchase a code which they call an Online Pass.

If i have Xbox Live Gold and i purchase fifa new i enter the unique code, if its been used i have to buy an online pass to play online.

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NastyLeftHook01843d ago

dont try to drag down sony into this. there not microsoft.

paydayp1843d ago

im not saying sony having intentions to do this.
but if the developers are seeing that there is more reveneu coming because of such a system in MS next console they are going to ask (demand) it from sony.
dont forget sony already have the patents for such a system.
im not trying to down play anyone i would hate it if its treu.
because now i buy a new game and i can play 3 games for the price of 1.
because of forums who let me trade my new game with other people.
i only do this because i dont have the money to buy all the games im intrested in.

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Why o why1843d ago

sony seem to be on the ball in terms of debunking any false rumours. Maybe MS should do the same. It cant harm their plight can it?

MasterCornholio1843d ago

Nope what Sony will do is sell the feature of the PS4 being able to play used games for free. Which is what they do with PSN with the free online multiplayer.

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Alos881843d ago

If both this and the always online thing are true, it would be a pretty bad day for Microsoft.

JSGDarko1843d ago

Microsoft needs to get J Allard back in charge. He did a great job launching the 360.

secretcode1843d ago

J. Allard would launch himself out of a window if he had to clean up this mess.

DivineAssault 1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

They better not do the always online thing or complete disc installs like PCs.. It will make ppl think twice about buying that system & going with PS4 instead..

These articles are already imprinting a bad name for the system & slowly starting to kill thier market already.. Even if false, there will be ppl who still think this is happening now.. Just like the wii u negativity that haunts it to this day.. All i can say is good luck.. If they think ppl will accept this, then more power to em.. I for one, will not

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