H33rsay: New LittleBigPlanet game headed to PS Vita this year

El33tonline writes:

"The PS Vita has no shortage of smaller, indie games headed its way over the next few months but there are far fewer full retail games coming to the platform this year that we know about."

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majiebeast1878d ago

I think the guy means Tearaway not LBP.

sherimae24131877d ago

but what if its a new lbp game....
who will be the developer for it... double eleven? but they are making limbo vita right?

tom1105841877d ago

that's true. maybe just tarsier studios and sony xdev europe?

Freak of Nature1877d ago

That was my first thought too...Tearaway

The new IP for the PS4 is something I am in high anticipation for, I certainly hope we see it in more detail this E3 or before if at all possible.

My bet is that LBP3 for the PS4, and another off shoot of it for the Vita will come at a later date, done by another out source studio...A open World LBP3 in 3D on the PS4 sure sounds fantastic, a step above and evolved from LBP2 is what will be needed when they do come out with it. But the possibilities for anything from MM on the PS4 are staggering...

Bathyj1877d ago

I want MM to make a proper LBP3 with 3D modelling like their tech demo and 3D gameplay.

Freak of Nature1877d ago

Oh yes!

You know I think this new IP will be just that in a round and about away. A more evolved LBP. At least I hope so. I am a major fan of LBP, and soon to be Tearaway and this new IP really has me intrigued...

talocaca1877d ago

Not sure...I love little big planet...and the Vita version is probably the best yet....but don't really feel like I need a sequel yet.

What I really need is a free-roaming platform game.

Jak and Daxter?

Cam9771877d ago

J&D: HD Collection was recently rated by ESRB....
Colour me interested.

r211877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Agreed, pretty much content with the current LBP Vita. People are still making level and there are already some fantastic ones out there. All they really need to do is add some new tools like a proper 3D camera tool.

Unless they're talking bout a vita version of LBP Karting. That I could see happening.

R_aVe_N1877d ago

I don't think there will be a LBP game on the vita made by MM. They are working on new stuff like Tearaway.

grassyknoll1877d ago

Little Big Planet for the Vita it's one of the best games I've ever played. Would love a sequel!

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