Windows 8 - If You Use It, You're Helping Microsoft Kill PC Gaming

MWEB Gamezone writer WelshPixie discusses why buying into Windows 8 is helping Microsoft kill the PC Gaming industry for both developers and gamers.

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schmoe1876d ago

"Hey, Hitler painted beautiful landscapes. Just sayin'...."
Quality!! :-)

WelshPixie1876d ago

Hahaha. A bit harsh of an analogy maybe but it seems to fit ;p

hellvaguy1875d ago

Dumbest comparison ever. I mean really your gunna compare a company to a mass murderer because u do not like some of thier business decisions?

I think you may have missed the common sense train when it rolled by giving out free samples.

Godmars2901876d ago

Between this, the growing always online backlash, and now Kinect coming under fire, MS looks to be in for some interesting times.

WelshPixie1876d ago

I hope 'interesting' is slang for 'nuked from orbit'. :D

Godmars2901876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

No. No its not.

Given the stranglehold MS has on the industry in general they can only go down bloody and take others with them.

Be nice if they could get that monopolistic stick out their @$$, but by all counts its been there since the beginning.

Choc_Salties1876d ago

Its a good thing that game developers are now starting to be more cautious about where/how they release titles, and that the likes of Steam have now successfully deployed to Linux, it will be an interesting time to see which titles they will push onto that platform in the future. Not that Ubuntu is not playing in an app-store-like environment as well, but at least you're not tied to Ubuntu, you can go in other directions with a bit of creative reconfiguration of the Steam client

WelshPixie1876d ago

And there's been some huge rage in the Ubuntu community about them trying the 'bad' way of certifying apps, from Linus Torvalds himself. We've got Steam Linux running under Mint and had no problem getting it there - it just worked :)

Capodastaro1875d ago

Yeah because every big name developer started to port their games over to Mac when Steam for Mac was released a couple of years ago /s