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Robert Bowling’s first Kickstarter game, The Adventures of Dash, fails

Robotoki, the creators of the upcoming zombie survival game Human Element, failed to get The Adventures of Dash fully funded on Kickstarter. The game was a 2D platform-puzzler where you played various dreams of a narcoleptic boy. (Android, iPad, iPhone, Kickstarter, PC, Robert Bowling, Robotoki, The Adventures Of Dash)

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majiebeast  +   528d ago
Didnt he get any of that sweet cod money when he left?
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Zha1tan  +   528d ago
You would be surprised how little money devs under big publishers like activision and EA actually see for their games.
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ijust2good  +   528d ago
This guy earned millions...why the hell does he need kick-starters
kwyjibo  +   528d ago
Richard Garriott is a multi-millionaire who has enough money for a holiday in space. He's still running a Kickstarter.

It's about viral advertising. You're not a patron of the arts, you're just pre-ordering a game.
Jurat  +   528d ago
I think he was just following in the footsteps of previous developers who’ve leveraged a huge Twitter following to garner mountains of cash without actually risking anything themselves.

Rather than spending time making a game then releasing it free, then developing a paid version with regular updates, all the while building a community, they just reach out to Twitter and say, “I’ve kinda got an idea to do something cool, can I have a million dollars?”
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Cajun Chicken  +   528d ago
TBH, it looked like a joke.
Grap  +   528d ago
wow he needed 400K for this game!!!!!!!!!!!!
artdafoo  +   528d ago
No wonder it failed, there's no killstreaks !
nutcrackr  +   528d ago
Should have called it "The Adventures of Dash and his Pave Low"
TheModernKamikaze  +   528d ago
I feel bad for him.
BanBrother  +   528d ago
If he was apart of a game that had a loyal following, rather than the casual CoD crowd he would have had more luck.

Looking out for Human Element still.
IK IR Y IP T  +   528d ago
This guy is a pos and a joke! Im glad his shit failed there are way better developers out there that actually deserve a shot! oh my bad he is not a developer he was a community manager at infintiy ward then leaves acting like his shit don't stink and has the nerve to try and criwd fund a shitty game ? Should have stayed with call of booty perfect for each other !!!
MidnytRain  +   527d ago
How can you blast a man for leaving a company you claim is s**t?
0pie  +   528d ago
his name mean nothing to a lot of people... i dont know if he thought because he was the ex hype man of mw his kickstarter would work but ... Reality kick him in the face.
dazzrazz  +   528d ago
They needed $400k for this !?! No wonder it failed...

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