BioShock Infinite Is Insanely, Ridiculously Violent. It's A Real Shame


Okay, it's time to talk about it. About what, you ask? About how totally bananas the violence in BioShock Infinite is.

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CalvinKlein1877d ago

REally? And bioshock 1 wasn't? Bioshock 1 was more demented too. That scene is meant to make you feel that way but it failed on me because I was expecting something violent to happen. There is even foreshadowing when it shows those two cops admiring the hook thing. Now the guy got a closer look than he could imagine.

as with any game, some of the fights could be designed better. Im now playing on 1999 mode and my main complaint is that id like to be able to carry more ammo or more guns.

Other than that the game is meant to be a shooter and you are supposed to destroy people with your crazy powers and guns. There is not actually tons of gore at all just blood and shooting, like almost any game.

elbeasto861877d ago

Completely agree. Bioshock 1 was very violent and disturbing and that's what they did here too. What did they expect?

On 1999 mode: they made it to be extreme. I think adding the ability to carry more ammo and guns would defeat the purpose of the challenge in that mode.

adorie1876d ago

Try beating 1999 mode without buying from Dollar Bill vending machine, lol. 1999 mode was satisfying.

xHeavYx1877d ago

It's like Kotaku doesn't get tired of coming out with these stupid articles

Grap1877d ago

how come kotaku have 3 stars? come on for god sake ban this site from publishing nonsense on n4g

Merrill1876d ago

Don't bring that up, I lost two stars for commenting on and bringing up the fact that Kotaku seems to never lose any stars on N4G regardless of the huge amount of voting down they get.

MestreRothN4G1876d ago

Merrill brings an interesting point.

Roper3161876d ago

I am finding 1999 mode easier than when I played through on hard.

adorie1876d ago

Its because hard trained us to prepare for it. By the time I got to 1999 my reflexes were very responsive to the encounters.

joab7771876d ago

I read this last night. I f u want to show ur girlfriend or ur mom a video game, go buy them a tablet. This is getting absurd. Bioshock 1, 2 & infinite r violent worlds. And guess what? No matter how candyland publishers make games in the future because of articles like this, the real world will remain violent too.

This why there are ratings. This isn't a child's game. I guess we r gonna have to lobby some lawmakers. New gun bans won't be enough. We r gonna have to add vigors, plasmids and sky hooks...hell, throw in the wrench too.

Vladplaya1876d ago

The fact that you can carry only such small amount of ammo is probably the most annoying and frustrating part of the game for me. Its just bad game design choice, I am even okay with carrying just two guns, but making player run out of ammo every 10 minutes or so is just ridiculous, feel extremely unsatisfying.

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Buff10441877d ago

It's rated M right? That means it's a game for adults, right? What's the point of these articles?

Zechs341877d ago

I'm with you...

Point is that CLEARLY, Kotaku cannot get any lower with what they write about.

They are sooo awful.

ajax171877d ago

Yeah. They really aren't going to like The Last of Us then. I mean that demo where the guy got his head blown off by that shotgun! Damn, now that is violent!

Dan501877d ago

No its for late teens AND adults. If it was ONLY for adults it would be rated AO.

ajax171876d ago

Why all the diagrees? M is 17+. 17 is not an adult.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1877d ago

This article is insanely,ridiculously, retarded.

Snarkasaur1877d ago

It's a thoughtful article praising the game, and lamenting that it could have been better without the egregious over-the-top violence.

If people would read the words and not just the headline, they might find less reason to bitch.

fei-hung1877d ago

thoughtful? How exactly is it thoughtful? It is a video game and like many video games it has violence.

Played Manhunt? No?! What about GoW? or GeoW? okay, what about The Suffering and RE5? I got one, Hell Yeah Wrath of the Dead Rabbit? Heavy Rain? Countless Dooms and their clones?

Articles like these are pointless because more than likely, they are made to create pointless debates and talking points and then help the article garner interest and hits.

problem is, they are not genuine. They don't really ask the question as much as stealth troll games and gamers. If they were genuine, it would be about this game alone, but every game which has violence which could have been avoided.

Kotaku needs their asses kicked and I have given a well thought-out reason above.

Vote the sight down for its stupidity.

Snarkasaur1876d ago

"Kotaku needs their asses kicked and I have given a well thought-out reason above."

Does anyone else see the contradiction here?

Even in places of video game discussion we can't have a civilized conversation without resorting to "ass-kicking talk." No wonder developers cater to the violence loving crowd.

fei-hung1876d ago


clearly you do not know the difference between a metaphorical statement and a literal statement, or maybe you are just trolling.

If you feel so strongly about violent video games, I suggest you opt not to buy or support them and before you do that, you boycott governments who choose to go to war and commit inhumane acts of violence, and yes, these include those in the middle east as much as they include the UK and USA.

At least video game violence isn't real unlike that which goes on as we speak.

1877d ago
Kurt Russell1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

I somewhat agree with the article. I am enjoying the game, but the ultra violence is the worsed part of it. Bioshock 1 was a twisted setting where people had lost their minds to splicing... I expected a horror spectacle. This game people are rational one moment then running about in way more a crazed state than the drugged up denizens of Rapture ever did.

Infinite is a great game, but the action could have been toned down in favour of more exploration and discovery of what is a vast lush environment.

(imo) :)

grailly1876d ago

people on n4g like their violence, I tried debating once that if violence isn't additive to a game, it doesn't need to be there. It didn't go well.

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landog1877d ago

sure, violence is bad, but its the best way to solve every problem


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