Level Up: JRPG news recap 04-04-13 – The Inafune says Japanese devs “don’t know what to do” edition brings you a summary of JRPG news from around the web for April 4th, 2013, including Keiji Inafune's latest comments criticizing the Japanese games industry, including his statement that Japanese devs “don’t know what to do or how to do it”.

Also in this update, stories about an interview with Drakengard 3 producer Takamasa Shiba, a feature using Persona 4 as an analogy to discuss high school nostalgia, game length and testing the boundaries of what it means to be a Japanese role-playing game, and details on enhancements coming to Million Arthur, Square-Enix’ new free-to-play Playstation Vita title.

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Arai1878d ago

Seems spot on to me, during the previous generation they were pretty dominant.
This generation only the bigger studios from Japan have been releasing games.
And half of those were more westernized, hopefully we'll see more Japanese games with the coming generation.

Even if they are downloadable titles (and priced accordingly of course).
Not enough diversity IMO, too much of the same happening in the gaming industry at the moment.

DragonKnight1878d ago

*Keiji Inafune says Japanese devs don't know what to do or hot to do it. Is Japanese. Doesn't get irony.*

Nothing new to see here folks, just the same thing he's been saying since he was still with Crapcom.

MilkMan1878d ago

Change is a scary thing. It happens to all of us. Scared of Dantes hair. Scared of Castlevania going 3D, scared to make something other than adventure games disguised as rpgs.
I feel the only true rpgs would be Skyrim and Fallout, at least in this gen and something more than likely most have played.
Witcher was great but essentially its also an adventure game with rpg elements.
Mass Effect was a like a book that the player creates with elements that the devs have giving you. Its your story within reason.
The truest form of RPG that I can imagine would be Neverwinter Nights, since you can create a tabletop type experience but as you know these kinds of games require massive amounts of dedicated players to experience them correctly.
Dragon's Dogma was a step in the right direction however.
It is a complicated process to try and breakout into new territory and remain profitable.
To much financial risk with a a group that is as fickle as the wind blows.
Look at Tomb Raider. S-E calling it a loss at 3.5 million sold.
Thats pretty scary business.
I think if gamers where more inclined to buy something new and be more accepting this kind of thing would be such an issue.

ps3_pwns1878d ago

all the japanese had to do was keep doing what they do best. instead many of them changed what they do and try to be americans. just because american shooters sale 10 million doesnt mean your rpgs will day one and they dont need to. Had they made the games people asked for ff 7 remake, kingdom hearts 3, megaman, etc they would have alot more success and sales. persona devs should been started on persona 5 and it should be out by now.

no one asked for ff online mmo that bombed, no one asked for dmc reboot, no one asked for or wanted a lot of the games that bombed.