Gamedaily: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Review

Gamedaily writes: "Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 is decent fun. However, the overall game hasn't changed that much from last year, aside from a few subtle touches that only the most devoted soccer fans will notice.

In terms of graphics, Konami hasn't really put much effort into this year's version. In fact, aside from the stamping of the "2008" logo on the box, you probably couldn't even tell the differences between this version and last year's effort. The players still look good, but hardly great; the fifteen fields show little diversity, but have very interactive crowds; and the game moves very smoothly as far as off-line play goes. It's not a terrible-looking game, but considering that this is Konami's eighth go-around with the series, you'd think it would have bumped up the visuals. EA Sports' FIFA 08 by comparison is a smoother running game."

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