OXCGN’s BioShock Infinite Review- Best game you’ll play this year


"Many moons later, we have the next game from Irrational Games, the people behind the original title, this time taking place in the air and called BioShock Infinite.

In short, this game is the best game you’ll play this year."

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BadCircuit1718d ago

Wow that's a pretty big endorsement

gaminoz1718d ago

Damn I've got to play this game.

Belgavion1718d ago

I gotta finish it this weekend. Got into a bit of a lull in the middle there but it's no less compelling

SOD_Delta1718d ago

Bioshock Infinite is indeed the best game you'll play this year. Unless, that is if you own a PS3. In which case that title belongs to The Last of Us.

gaminoz1718d ago

Last of Us isn't out yet :P

BadCircuit1718d ago

I know I'm among the minority, but I'm not that interested in Last of Us. A post apocalyptic zombie...oops that looks like I Am Legend.

It does look like it's focusing on story though at least.

gaminoz1718d ago

Certainly there aren't too many other big titles releasing this year that are this unique

BootHammer1718d ago

Wow, I'd say you guys liked it ;) Great game indeed, was well worth the wait.

BadCircuit1718d ago

Are you sure? Didn't they say that it was the game of the century in that last paragraph? I guess they liked it :p

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