Witcher 3 Port To PS4 Will Be Easy, Says CD Projekt Red

Porting is serious business in the world of interactive entertainment. During this current generation of gaming porting has become front and center for most multiplatform games, mostly because ports don't always turn out so great. However, with CD Projekt Red and The Witcher 3, they're not worried because the PS4 is portastic.

Speaking with Kotaku [via Videogamer] Adam Badowski, the managing director for The Witcher 3 commented about the game's appearance on Sony's next-generation PlayStation console, the PS4, saying...”It's another platform, but PC-like. Which is cool,"

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iGAM3R-VIII1872d ago

So this means that the PS4 architecture is easy to port and develop games on, hmm Sony were right.

Letros1872d ago

Um yes, it's the same architecture as naturally porting will be easy aside from OpenGL vs DX.

iGAM3R-VIII1872d ago

True, Sony did say they had a 'Supercharged PC' and the PS4 was PC like

GraveLord1872d ago

What? You think they would lie about something like that? They built the whole PS4 reveal around this fact.

iGAM3R-VIII1872d ago

lol I knew they were right, it is a type of comment that makes other people realise that their trash talk was wrong about the PS4

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

Yes sony said let's make it x86 so x86 devs can port x86 games.


Also ps4 is not super charged.. What the hell is super charged pc???

DeadlyFire1872d ago

Well PS4 can dig deeper into the hardware than what a typical PC game could do. Most PC games just utilize raw power of GPUs. Something like PS4 is specializing that power and pushes beyond what it could typically do on a PC.

A 1.7 or 1.8 Tflop GPU vs. PS4 and the PS4 likely could pull ahead of it. Thanks to optimization.

GABRIEL10301872d ago

8GB of GDDR5, integrated CPU/GPU at 1.8 Gflop for example, Blue Ray 6X. Can you abstain to compare the PS4 with your old toaster equiped with old DDR3 memories, please? Thanks =)

Holeran1872d ago

They take a PC and then strap a Paxton Blower on it.

Hellsvacancy1872d ago

I REALLY hope we get ports of the first two games, im not holding my breath though, I can hope

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LOGICWINS1872d ago

When I hear things like this, it almost brings a tear to my eye. With the PS4, console gamers don't have to be treated like a second class community anymore. I expect the PS4 versions of titles to be very close presentation-wise to their PC counterparts..and eventually becoming identical in 2-3 years when devs learn how to truly take advantage of the hardware.

Ezz20131872d ago

and we still didn't see what SSM and ND etc of sony 1st party will do on ps4

this scare the hell out of me

Rusty5151872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

Not to mention quantic dream. Oh my bad. Forgot that they're third party exclusive. That's how badass Sony is. They don't even need to buy studios for them to make games only on playstation.

Ezz20131872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )


quantic dream is not 3rd party studio's 2nd party studio
and soon will be 1st party studio
but i agree with every thing you said though :)

HmongAmerican1872d ago

@ Ezz2013
next ND and SSM game will only compare to Hollywood highest budget movie. Im scare by thinking about it.

DaThreats1872d ago

I don't want it to be a port, I want the game develop simultaneously with the PC version.

Lucreto1872d ago

As do I but CD Projekt Red is a small studio. They usually do one platform at a time. That is why the 360 version was released a year after the PC.

Simon_Brezhnev1872d ago

I'm glad its a PC port since it will ported after the best version. Thats the best thing you can do instead of porting it from a weaker console.

DeadlyFire1872d ago

PC version will likely be the lead of most development in next gen as it would be easier to scale multiplatform games down to the consoles. PS4 first, then X720 then if and only if developers really want to scale down further. The WiiU.

Hopefully PS4 gets some lead development titles in the future though. As it could assist budget PC gamers and AMD's goal of a future without APIs like DirectX. :)

Mariusmssj1870d ago

CDPR said that Witcher 3 will be an adaptation for the PS4, not just a port. They will make the most of the PS4 features :)

But like people above have mentioned CDPR is quite a small developer, so there is a limit to what resources they can allocate

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Lucreto1872d ago

I hope for a port of the Witcher 2 at some point.

Transporter471872d ago

Play it on PC, best place to play the First Witcher and Witcher 2, probably Witcher 3 also, but who knows PS4 so far seems pretty sweet.

Lucreto1872d ago

I could be at like 10 frames per second.

Crap PC that is why I prefer consoles.

flyingmunky1872d ago

I tried playing it on pc and gave up as soon as I was forced to try to press like 4 buttons at once on the keyboard. I'll try it again with a wired xbox controller later, I'm sure that will be much better.

Transporter471872d ago


Well that could make you not play it on PC, but i have a gaming rig so that's why i recommend that, but honestly what i just thought of is if they could do a Witcher, Witcher 2 HD Bundle for Ps3/Xbox or PS4 bundle that would be cool, that way you could play all of them.

turnerdc1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

If you have a decent internet connection (5 Mbps download) you can play it on OnLive. Here's a link to a free 30 minute trial: Oh, and if you buy it on OnLive you also get a digital downloadable copy for free. I've put around 20 hours into it so far on OnLive and it plays wonderfully.

spongeboob1872d ago

Can someone please forward this to article to Nolan Bushnell, according to him the PS4 is a nightmare to code for. Poor guy has gone senile.

BLow1872d ago

Ha, I was thinking the same thing. So, the PS4 is "easy" and the Nextbox is maybe(???) "easier". So what's the problem? There both are going to be easy so that means better games and we all win. Sounds good to me...haha

Cryptcuzz1872d ago

I agree that guy is a nut job! How would the PS4 be hard to develop for when its essentially a supercharged PC?

Someone should send him a memo and let him know games are developed on PC's and not an Atari. Thank God for that.

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