With LucasArts Gone, Who Should Make the Next Star Wars Games and Why?

There will still be Star Wars games; Disney is switching to licensing Star Wars rather than internally creating the games, which does make sense. From a gamer perspective, we could be getting more Star Wars games and done by better developers. Nothing has been announced yet, but lets go through a wishlist of some developer/Star Wars pairings that makes sense and suits their strengths.

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Knight_Crawler1755d ago

The old Bioware or CD Projekt Red.

Why because the world needs more RPG in games.

Zuperman1755d ago

Team n4g should make it.

NYC_Gamer1755d ago

I doubt R* would pay the license fee to create SW games

deathstriker1755d ago

It's not like 2K nor Rockstar are exactly low on money. The writer picking Ninja Theory was a good choice. I love Devil May Cry and they could nail lightsaber/force powers gameplay.

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